November 4, 2011

No More Battling the Ego

By Yvonne Perry

As we move into a higher consciousness where there duality is balanced, many of us are aware of our ego's opposition to the strides we are making toward ascension. I'm not sure if the ego is a thought form, an entity, or both. It sure seems at times that I'm dealing with something that has a mind of its own! Some say that the ego is God experiencing Himself as something other than love. (Please feel free to convert the word “God” to whatever name you use to define the benevolent, all-knowing, all-loving source of creation: Spirit, Source, Universal Consciousness, Matrix of Energy, etc.) I define the ego as the part of us that would have us live as if we are separate from God.

The ego would have us believe that it wants to protect us from harm, but in reality it prevents us from expanding our mind and growing spiritually. It keeps us stuck in destructive patterns that secure one thing-the continuing of a separatist mindset. The ego believes that you are separate from me and vice versa. It believes that we are separate and inferior to God rather than part of Him.
So, whenever we are moving to the next stage of spiritual evolution, it seems we nearly always encounter some sort of resistance or “ceiling” blocking us from reaching new heights of spiritual awareness. The dismantling of this energetic barrier is a very deceptive process because the more we resist it, the stronger it gets in its effort to distract us from our goal of oneness with all that is. Ironically it is in this so-called “struggle” that we gain the strength to move past the elusive idea of separatism. Because whatever we place emphasis on will increase, the victory over the ego is more quickly accomplished by refusing to engage in the battle it offers. The answer then is to focus on raising our vibration, enjoying our lives, continuing our spiritual practice, and maintaining our own energy.

Recently, I had this very experience. The thoughts I was hearing in my mind were extremely hateful and judgmental. I was tempted to fight this mental dragon, but I knew that being resistant would only cause me to attract more of this kind of energy. I chose to press on by doing what I knew would help move the negative energy on through. Thus, I spent time in nature, did some deep breathing sessions, got some physical exercise, and focused on the “now” moment. I repeated mantras such as these: “In this now moment, I have peace of mind. In this place of heart centered love, I am calm and at ease. There is nothing to fear or stew over in this now moment. There are no problems greater than the love within me.”

I continued to focus my awareness within my heart center and allowed light and love to expand from within me. Each time I had a thought that was out of alignment with Love, rather than having an absurd dialog with my ego, I went within to a place of peace and strength. Breakthrough came suddenly and powerfully. The negative thoughts vanished immediately and the peace to which I had connected in my heart center flooded my entire body.

I have created an MP3 of the mantras I used. It has soothing background music to bring you into a state of heart-centered awareness and assist your efforts in moving past the ceiling the ego has erected. It is available on the Audios page of my Website: .

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