November 29, 2011

That’s Shocking! Not Really.

Anyone who is awakening on their empathic journey is going to have some unusual things occur as their spiritual essence expands. One person who is just beginning to experience herself as an empath is getting some electric shocks even when there is no source of electricity. She wants to know if this is some kind of energetic overlay.
There was a period of about ten years when I was going through my dark night of the soul in which it seemed like every time I touched my car door I would be shocked. It would almost throw my arm back and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. During that time I was very ungrounded—I didn’t even know of the concept or any of these things we have discussed today. All I knew was I was a very sensitive person who had a lot of emotional issues. I didn’t realize that most of those were not mine—that I was carrying energy of others.
If you will start grounding your energy you are going to have less electrical current running rampant in your field; it will be more organized and useful as an energy source for your body, mind, and emotions. We are integrating some very high frequencies, some accelerated energy right now and these are having an effect on our body.
Nothing surprises me anymore. If someone tells me they are seeing new colors, feeling an electrical shock, I’m not surprised. All of these things are part of the process and rather than focusing on the phenomena of what we are experiencing, I think it would be wise to concentrate on the beauty and the blessing that it is to be able to feel and sense things of the spirit and move into that higher dimension. We are blessed to be living on the Earth at such a time as this when we are experiencing beautiful things in the shift even though some things aren’t as pleasant.

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  1. I am FULL of electricity! I always have been. I shock everyone and myself all the time! Since I can remember, street lights go out, I blow electrical equipment, I have even had a radio station come through my TV depending on where I stood in my apartment. I don't feel like it is from being ungrounded though. That would mean in my entire 30 years, I have never been grounded. My grandmother and mother are this way to a lesser degree also.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Shena. I think some people carry an electrical charge and it fires at random. I stopped trying to wear a wrist watch about eight years ago because I kept "killing" the batteries. I would wear a different watch while getting around to purchaing a new battery for the one I just blew out. The lady at Kmart jewelry counter knew what I needed before I even asked. LOL! I fried at least three watches before I finally decided it just wasn't meant for me to know what time it is!