November 11, 2011

Anchoring Accelerated Frequencies on 11/11/11

Don't be surprised today if you feel a bit scatter-brained, emotional, or energy sensitive. The accelerated frequencies of 11/11/11 and the full moon (as well as from the asteroid that passed between Earth and the moon last night) may have an energetic affect on your physical and subtle bodies. You may need to ground and center your energy several times today to help anchor these frequencies in the earth plane.

I encourage you to participate in some spiritual function today. I plan to attend a prayer circle, connected by telephone with other like-minded people who want to see humanity shift into purer consciousness.

There is a grounding and centering exercise you can do to stabilize your energy at any time (see the words below). This is also available (free) as an MP3 audio with background music. Please download it and put it in your iPod or MP3 player. You can also listen to it on your computer. at

Grounding and Centering Steps

1. I see Divine white light clearing my body and aura as it extends from the universe to the center of Gaia.
2. I establish a grounding _________ (color) cord.
3. My aura extends 2.5 feet from my body
4. The shower of golden sunlight washes my aura for 2 minutes.
5. The Christ-gold light surrounds me
6. The Certainty blue light surrounds me
7. The Violet flame of St. Germaine surrounds me to deflect detrimental energies/entities. Archangels Michael and Chamuel are in place to help lost souls that may come to me for assistance.
8. Roses are in place outside my aura to absorb and transmute any detrimental energy released in this session into beneficial energy for me, my life, body and others.
9. Cosmic gold light energy begins in my crown, flows down the back of my chakras, curves under my tail bone. Ten percent flows down through my grounding cord. The other 90 percent flows upward to my 5th chakra where it divides three ways: upward and out through crown, down each shoulder and arm then out the palms.
10. Mother Gaia’s love and light earth energies ascend through my feet, up my legs, joining the cosmic gold flow at my tail bone and flows consecutively with the cosmic gold light for the next 10 minutes.

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