August 2, 2013

Spiritual Causes for Tingling, Itching Hands in Public Places

Since I was in my mid-20s, I have had a strange thing happen when I touch hand railing in public places. My hands will suddenly begin to itch, burn, and tingle. They have turned red and swollen. It first happened at Six Flags Over Georgia when my children were young. The more I touch the railing, the more intense the symptoms get. Similar symptoms (to a lesser degree) arise when I am running healing energy.

I have searched for medical causes of this physical sensation and found nothing that explains it. Sure, an allergy could be the cause, but allergies tend to be on-going or happen every time the person is exposed to a certain allergen. This only happens to me sometimes and only when I have touched wooden or metal railing that other people have handled. I have no skin allergies or dermatitis.

Knowing how sensitive I am to energy, and how I am constantly transmuting negative energy of the collective consciousness (with the help of St. Germain's violet flame of transmutation), it occurred to me last week at the zoo when the symptoms arose that I am picking up on the energy of people who have left an energetic imprint on the railing. I am aware of the ESP gift of psychometry, in which a person can read the energy of another person by holding an object belonging to that person. There must be some correlation with this rail touching.

I don't do psychic readings or offer that service. So, it's not surprising that I don't get any information about a particular person when these "hand rail" symptoms occur. Probably because so many people have combined their energy on the railing that it would be nearly impossible to get just one "hit" or a reading for just one person. I believe this is a transmutation action occurring subconsciously and the symptoms are there to let me be aware of what I'm doing so I can choose to either stop doing it or do it with intention.

By the way, if I run my hands under water or touch the ground (working with elements), the symptoms subside within a minute or so.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar response to picking up energy from objects that others have handled. Please share your story with us.

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  1. I was interested in reading and re-reading your comments about tingling hands. Yes, I experience that too.

  2. Brigid, does the tingling come to your hands after touching objects that other people have touched?

  3. Omg I'm the same. Extremely sensitive to energies. When I'm alone I'm happy, the minute someone comes into my energy with an issue , I start reacting. Itching everywhere. And my hands pulsate so much I want to rub them on sand paper lol.
    The lines on my palms are running onto my hands, causing my skin to crack, like lizard hands :-l .
    Maybe we are meant to retreat. Or send the energy somewhere so they arnt holding it in them . Also when I'm frustrated I itch.. like I feel like I wanna fly away..
    We shift soon anyways yay xx. Tammy - indigo .

    1. Tammy, thanks for sharing your story. I believe that every physical manifestation we have of illness or discomfort has an energetic or spiritual origin. Your hands seems to be creating this sensation in order to give you a message or call your attention to some inner situation (possibly something repressed rather than being allowed to come to the surface to be loving resolved).

      I also think we all tend to have the desire to fly away or go somewhere to get away from unpleasant things. I have found that it really helps to simply focus on loving my inner child. I see her as the one who is calling for the resolution of past issues that hold me back from living authentically.

      I am available as a coach if you are interested in talking more about this and finding tools to help you manage energy. See for details.


  4. Wow ... I feel the same way. Just being out in public at all my hands itch, burn, tingle, feel like they're swelling, but there is nothing visible wrong with them. I have had this forever and mentioned it to doctors and family and friends. They all look at me like I'm crazy. Whenever they get that way I run to get them under cold water. That's just my first instinct, I had no idea that this was a sign of excess energy until today.

    1. Hi, Jocelynne. I've found that when this happens, I'm strongly interfacing with energy from someone or the environment around me. Cold water does help. So does grounding. Here is a video for that purpose: