August 6, 2013

Highly Sensitive Indigo Children and Crystal Kids

You may have heard of Indigo Children or Crystal Kids, who have intuitive gifts that surprise or even astound adults. These empathic children easily pick up on the feelings and thoughts of adults and others as they unconsciously reach into human and spirit energy fields to gather information and understand things around them. Seeing with their spiritual eyes, feeling with their spiritual senses, hearing with their spiritual ears, they may give information about a past life, tell of events before they happen, see ghosts, or know something about another person or situation that no one else does. Today, as many as one in four children have this ability and are tuned into the higher frequency all the time.

Because these children do not know how to set personal boundaries (or that they need to), they do not realize when they are in another person’s mental or emotional space, much less how invasive this can be to that person. It can also affect the child’s own vibrational level. As parents we need to teach our children how to properly use this empathic gift, but many adults do not trust their own intuition, much less recognize their children’s spiritual abilities. Empathic kids and teens need someone they can talk to, and they need information on how to keep their auras clear and to open and shut their intuitive abilities at will. It is important for adults to help them learn how to do this and set energetic boundaries. The more you read and study this topic, the better you will be able to answer your children’s questions. I hope you will relate to what you are learning here and help the children in your life develop their intuition.

In my book, Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, Dr. Caron Goode shares the four core temperaments as they relate to the psychological aspect of empathy. I invite you to read this book!

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