August 15, 2013

Three Ways for Empaths to Identify Their Own Energy

Here are some ways to identify and distinguish your own energy from that of another person.

1. Ask. If you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions, the first thing to do is ask yourself if the feeling is yours or someone else’s. If you are angry with someone, the feeling is probably your own, but you could also be participating in the energy of the person you quarreled with. Try to resolve the situation, forgive, and let it go. If the energy is not yours, try to determine the obvious originator. Whenever we are in close proximity to another person, our energy fields overlap. For example, if you are feeling out of whack and you’ve just witnessed an accident or have been in a crowded public setting, you may have picked up the feelings of other people. If possible, move at least twenty feet away from the suspected source and notice whether you feel relief. Center yourself by concentrating on your breath—exhaling negativity and inhaling peace. Draw your aura in closer by visualizing it extending no more than two feet from your body until you get home. Then, ground yourself using the techniques discussed in Chapter 9 of Whose Stuff is This?. This can bring relief very quickly.

2. Intuition practice exercise. The word “intuition” is the noun form of the verb “to intuit,” which comes from Latin, meaning “to look in” or “to look on.” Here is an exercise to help you look in on your intuition and use it as a guidance tool when you are faced with making a decision.

Think about a situation you are currently in. Perhaps you are about to launch into a new business venture, or make a change in residence, or leave/begin a relationship. You probably have at least two choices to make: either go for it or turn away the opportunity—at least for the time being.

Take a deep breath to center your thoughts and become aware of your feelings. As you release the breath, hold the thought that you will accept the opportunity being presented to you.

Now think of the situation again and consider turning away the opportunity. Did you feel an inward shift?

Which thought made you feel peaceful, happy, or relaxed?

Which thought made you feel tense, uneasy, or agitated?

Did you notice yourself wanting to hold your breath when considering either thought?

The thought that made you feel relaxed or at ease is more than likely the choice you should make.

Fear should not be a factor in any decision you make. Feeling fear when you are considering your options could mean that you are picking up on the energy of another person—perhaps someone is urging you to make a decision that you really don’t think is best, but you are afraid of the consequences of disappointing them. Being true to yourself means making the decision that is best for you and your divine path. Once you find that feeling of contentment regarding a decision you are about to make, continue to hold that sensation and get used to how it feels. This is your instructive instinct. This is spiritual guidance or intuition that you can learn to trust and follow.

Pay attention to the feelings and impressions you receive wherever you go. You may have a feeling that you don't want to go into a certain place, or you don't want to connect with a certain person. You are wise to trust those feelings; they come to us for a reason, whether it makes rational sense or not. Intuition does not come from the rational side of our brain; it comes from a place of higher knowing that is meant to guide us and keep us safe.

3. Spend time building a relationship with yourself. The busier we get the less we are likely to take time to sit still and listen to the voice within, but this is a very important part of learning to sense your own energy and honing your intuitive skills. We may be doing something wonderful for someone else, but if we neglect taking time to renew our own energy, we put ourselves at risk of being overwhelmed. Self-healing and self-care is a wonderful gift we can offer ourselves as empathic healers. Taking a break, spending time in meditation, and relaxing are some of the best ways to get to know how your energy feels, raise your vibration, and avoid taking on other’s symptoms.

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