July 31, 2013

Telepathy: A Characteristic of a Highly Sensitive Person

A type of energetic communication is employed whenever empathy is in operation. This subconscious or telepathic connection is what transfers information when you tap into the thoughts, feelings, or illnesses of others—even those of spirits that do not have a physical body (distinguishing between spirits).

Unfortunately, our society, Hollywood movies, and religious programming have caused many to believe that the unseen realm either does not exist or is something to be terribly afraid of. None of these sources can be trusted when they present ideas that conflict with your personal experience.

Empaths already possess the ability to pick up non-verbal information. I foresee a day when we will all be able to read one another’s minds, which means some of us are going to be quite embarrassed when we are unable to lie to one another. I share this next story to show you how innocently and easily telepathy operates.

As my husband handed me a letter, he said, “Guess who I saw today?”

Looking at the return address I thought it read, Hughes. “Wow! I haven't heard from Leslee Hughes in a long time,” I said as I opened the letter.

Then I realized the mail was from a client named Hinkes. Bewildered at how I could have seen Hughes on the envelope, I laid it aside and asked my husband, “So, who did you see today?”

“You just said her name. I saw Leslee Hughes.”

I had telepathically retrieved that name from my husband’s mind. My third eye confirmed the answer by causing my physical eyes to see her name on the envelope. Empathic people can increase this telepathic ability as they develop their intuition.

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