July 12, 2013

Clairaudience and the Highly Sensitive Person

Clairaudience has to do with clear hearing. A clairaudient person may pick up an energetic impulse from another person’s thoughts and hear it either internally in their mind or as an audible voice. Many Bible prophets, including Jesus Christ, had this ability.

A highly-sensitive person has keen abilities to sense energy. Many of them are able to hear things that are inaudible to others such as hearing the thoughts someone is thinking, or hearing voices in their own head. It’s easy to see why our society, which believes in the Newtonian theory that only what can be experienced with the five senses is real, tends to label a clairaudient person as having a mental disorder. Most empaths function at high levels and have very good common sense. They simply have an ability that others “think” is abnormal. And you know what happens then? Religions, cultures, families, the media, etc. believes that if something can’t be explained, it must be avoided, criticized, or exorcized!

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