November 20, 2011

Species Discrimination

There’s something known as species discrimination. Humans have been very discriminatory and have treated other species with disregard, not considering the impact this has created. Factory farming is a hot topic for me. Animals are put in bad situations; they are given antibiotics. Our method of mass farming has created toxic groundwater and toxic land and contamination of food sources. Scientists recently gathered to talk about this because they are concerned it could cause a “super bug.” That’s the bad news; the good news is a lot of people are awake and aware of this. Some good things are being done. For example, Aspen, Colorado instituted something call “Meat-free Mondays where all the local restaurants are presenting vegetarian or vegan entrees. More and more people who choose to eat beef and other livestock are demanding grass-fed, which is more humane and healthier. We are more aware of what our human and global impact is doing to animals. More people are doing organic farming, shopping locally, and making choices to improve those things.
I want to talk about what is happening with animals in the ocean and then I’m going to give you some tools. There’s a practice called “shark-finning,” which has caused the annihilation of millions of sharks. Eighty percent of the Earth’s surface is water. These sharks are predators that keep eco-balance in the seas. As they have been annihilated, a species—a mainstay food source for the sharks and emits a lot of greenhouse gases—is thriving in abundance. If we can pay more attention to our friends in the ocean, it will be for the benefit of all of us.
This post is another segment based on a presentation given by Kate Garvey during “Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth” on September 6, 2011. You may obtain the full transcription and MP3 audio of Kate’s and Gini Grey’s presentations at
Wellness and self-care coach, workshop leader, and founder and director of the Institute of Sound, Kate Garvey has been active in Native American ceremonies for several years and recently sang for the Grandmothers Gathering led by Ana Shana Bee. Anyone who signs Kate’s guestbook at will receive a free mini e-book, The Empathics Guide through Grief.  MP3 topics include self-care, sound healing, the shift, and the grief process.
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