November 9, 2011

Divine Mother and 11/11/11 Prayer Circle

We are approaching a momentous time for the celebration of a new influx of energy on Mother Earth on Nov. 11, 2011.

I am sharing with you an invitation from Maria Lazzaro, the Dove of Peace Light Prayer Circle facilitator. I hope you will be able to join one or more of the calls to help anchor the energy of 11:11:11. This is a time when the new energies of the combined emerald green and violet light which will bring great healing to humanities ( and all life) physical and subtle bodies of etheric, mental and emotional bodies as well as Mother Earth's body system.

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The following are prayer times throughout the day of 11- 11- 11 with the Dove of Peace Light Prayer Circle- a Path to Awakening.

Thurs. Nov. 10th 4:30pm EST. This allows us to participate in the influx of divine energies that begins in New Zealand on 11am on 11-11-11 (5pm EST 11/10/11 )

Fri. 11/11/118:30AM- 9AM EST Join us for 30 MIN OF PRAYERS AND AFFIRMATIONS

10:am-11:30am EST Prayers, dedications, and celebration of receivng tremendous waves of Light. From 11am 11:11 am please align yourself with the highest intentions of receivng love, peace, abundance and joy for yourself and the Earth. ARCHANGEL METATRON WLL BRING US THROUGH THE PORTAL OF NEW ENERGIES ACCOMPANIED WITH A MESSAGE.

11:50AM (EST) We will gather to begin the Divine Mother's Miracle Rosary at NOON. This is a very powerful energy delivered. Noon time is the highest time to say the rosary- any of the rosaries. Today's will be the most powerful. This will be the 4 cycles of the Miracle Rosary. The rosary prayers are written below for your convenience.

3pm- 4pm EST Affirmations: to anchor for our new life and Earth

9pm-11:11 pm Prayer circle with violet flame affirmations, chants dedications and prayers.

THE ANGELS HAVE ASKED TO PLEASE DO AT LEAST ONE RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS THIS DAY. If you are unable to be on the calls, please intention- give thanks to the divine for connecting you with all the prayers taking place in the highest good. We assure you, you will be connected.

CONFERENCE LINE TEL. # 308-344-6400
Access Code 965216#

Mother Mary’s Miracle Rosary

This rosary was released by Mother Mary for the specific purpose of bringing forth the miracle of raising the consciousness of humankind and for resolving personal issues. For a detailed explanation, see the following message by Mother Mary. NOTE: By instructions from Mother Mary, this miracle rosary in NOT copyrighted. You have permission to use and distribute this rosary as you see fit. However, please do not alter the rosary.

In the name of the unconditional love of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Miracle Mother, Amen.

(Insert your personal prayer here)

NOTE: To give the complete rosary, repeat the following cycle of affirmations four times (give the Hail Mary nine times for each cycle). This will take 22-30 minutes depending on speed. If you do not have time for the full rosary, repeat the cycle one time. You can insert personal calls and dedicate the rosary for a specific purpose after the initial dedication.

Lord’s Prayer

Our Father-Mother God who is within all life,
We honor your Presence, the I AM, within us.
We accept your kingdom manifest on Earth through us.
We accept our responsibility to manifest your will on Earth,
as it is manifest in Heaven.

We accept that you are giving us our daily opportunity
to be all that you are.
We acknowledge that you forgive us our imperfections,
as we forgive each other and surrender our will
to the higher will within us.
We therefore accept the truth
that the universe returns to us what we send out.

We take responsibility for our lives and our planet.
We vow to rise above the temptations of the lower self,
so that you can deliver us from all imperfect energies.
We affirm that your kingdom, power and glory
is manifest on Earth, now and forever. Amen.

Hail Mary

Oh Mother Mary, we release
all thoughts and feelings less than peace,
releasing now all patterns old,
we leave behind the mortal mold.

River of Life, eternal flow,
we will to live, we will to grow.
We will transcend and be the more,
the joy of life we do adore. (One time only)

NOTE: The above Hail Mary is the one best suited for the present Aquarian age consciousness. The Hail Mary below is the original one, given as a transition between the Piscean and Aquarian consciousness. You can use either one according to your own sense of what resonates with you.

Hail Mary

Hail Mary, one with Grace,
the Lord is with us through you.
Blessed are we by your miracle Grace,

and by the miracle love of your son, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of Miracles,
we surrender our fears, now and forever.
We accept God’s unconditional love,
and see the Miracle Kingdom manifest on Earth. (One time only)

Affirmation of the Inner Christ

In the name of Jesus Christ,
I call to beloved Mary, Mother of Miracles.
Teach me the miracle of holding the immaculate concept
for myself, for all life and for the Earth.
Teach me the miracle of complete surrender to God
that I too may say from the bottom of my soul:

“Oh Lord, be it unto me according to your will.”

Hail Mary.

I hereby surrender all that stands in the way
of the manifestation of God’s miracle in my life.
Oh God, I surrender myself completely unto you.
Oh God, I withhold nothing from you.
Oh God, I give my all to you.

Hail Mary

I surrender my human ego and false sense of identity,
and I accept that God consumes it now.
Oh God, I am willing to lose my mortal sense of identity
to win the immortal life of the Christ consciousness.
I call to my Christ self to descend and take command

over all aspects of my life and consciousness,

and I accept that I am filled with the Light of Christ,
now and forever.
I accept that my Christ self is the Way, the Truth and the Life,
and that my life is built upon the rock of Christ.

Hail Mary

Oh God, I confess that I of my own self can do nothing;
it is the I AM presence within me who is the true doer.
I accept that I am created in the image and likeness of God.
I accept that I am a son/daughter of God.
I accept that the Christ is born in me this moment,
and I accept that I AM the second coming of Christ in me.

Hail Mary

I accept that I am the Living Christ walking the Earth,
and therefore I accept and affirm that God can do
the works through me that he did through Jesus.
I accept and affirm that with God all things are possible.

Therefore, I accept the manifestation of the miracle of God
in all aspects of my life and consciousness.

Hail Mary

I accept the miracle of the overturning of the tables
of the false teachers and their false students,
those who deny the Christ within themselves and others.
Those who will not enter the inner path
and who seek to hinder those
who are willing to enter the true path.
I accept that their day is done

and that their citadels of power, in church and state are no more.
I accept that they have no power on Mother Earth.

Hail Mary

I accept the miracle of the raising
of all sons and daughters of God
to discover and accept the true, inner path
to personal Christhood.
I accept the miracle of a mass awakening,
and I see people accepting the inner path
and bringing about the second coming of Christ
and the true Christ Mass.

Hail Mary

I accept the miracle of God’s kingdom manifest on Earth.
I affirm and accept the coming
of the ascended Jesus Christ
to reign as the spiritual king of Earth, now and forever.
I see this done and I hold the immaculate concept
for the Earth and all life thereon.

Hail Mary

The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. (Repeat 3 times)

In the name of the unconditional love of the Father,
the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Miracle Mother, Amen.

Sealing of the rosary

I accept the infinite peace of the Divine Mother. I choose to abide in that peace always, and I accept the perfect love of the Divine Mother. I accept that her love consumes all my fears. I accept that I am the Living Christ in embodiment, and I vow to be all that I am in God and more.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Miracle Mother, I seal the Earth in the infinite love and light of the Divine Mother. It is done, it is finished, it is sealed in matter, for the mouth of the Divine Mother has spoken it. Amen.


CONFERENCE LINE TEL. # 308-344-6400
Access Code 965216#

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  1. I don't know much about faith healing. I know some of my friends really like the divine mother. They say she has really helped them. I'm stuck at a place in my life I don't want to be, maybe I should get some help.

    1. No matter how stuck you may feel, you always have the assistance of your higher guidance to help you move forward. Do get some help to reach your divine potential. Many blessings!