November 10, 2011

Your Emotion Creates an Imprint

Today’s post is based on a presentation given by Kate Garvey during “Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth” on September 6, 2011. You may obtain the full transcription and MP3 audio of Kate’s and Gini Grey’s presentations at
Researcher Vladimir Popinov worked with light particles also known as photons. These particles were in a vacuum tube when he injected DNA into the tube. The light particles aligned with the DNA. When the DNA was extracted or removed, the light particles held the form of the DNA. This is known as the phantom DNA. Our emotions are shaped by our DNA, which shapes our reality. These are two very critical scientific events where we now know how important it is to master our emotions.
Coinciding with that, some of you may be familiar with the HeartMath Institute ( in Santa Cruz, California. They have been able to measure the emotions of a heart. When a person if feeling the emotion of joy, love, or compassion, there’s a certain electromagnetic pattern produced. They have been able to measure how a human emotion creates an effect out to a 50-foot radius. So, if someone is in a place of anger it affects everything in his or her environment whether it’s a rock, or soil, a plant, or another human being. It has an impact on everything. Keep that in the forefront of your mind. Your emotion creates an imprint up to 50 feet from your body.
Wellness and self-care coach, workshop leader, and founder and director of the Institute of Sound, Kate Garvey has been active in Native American ceremonies for several years and recently sang for the Grandmothers Gathering led by Ana Shana Bee. Anyone who signs Kate’s guestbook at will receive a free mini e-book, The Empathics Guide through Grief.  MP3 topics include self-care, sound healing, the shift, and the grief process.
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