March 30, 2013

Setting Boundaries Around Your Auric Field

Because thoughts are energy, your intention plays a powerful role in all your efforts. The best way to strengthen your personal energy field is to use your thoughts to visualize your aura having a rubber-like quality that causes negativity to bounce off without penetrating. You can consciously change or inject different colors into your aura as needed. Here is a mini guide on using color to strengthen your aura.
Purple: indicates spiritual thoughts.

Blue: balancing, relaxing the nervous system, peace of mind. Can also assist with teaching or presenting information due to its connection with the fifth chakra (communication).

Turquoise: highly energizing, capable of influencing other people, great for multitasking and bringing organization to chaos or scattered thoughts.

Green: restful, peaceful, calming energy, healing. Seen in the aura of those who love gardening.

Yellow: joy, freedom, non-attachment, contentment, releasing, generosity. A yellow halo around the head indicates high spiritual development.

Orange: uplifting, absorbing, inspiring. A sign of power or the ability and/or desire to control someone or a situation.

Red: a predominantly red aura indicates a materialistically-oriented person or one who is concerned about appearances or the physical body.

Pink: spiritual love, a perfect balance between spiritual awareness and material existence. A great color to add to your aura at any time.

White: this color means purity to me but some cultures say it represents death. Your thought and intent is more powerful than what others say or believe.

Experiment with colors and see how they make you feel. The color of clothes you wear can affect your aura. Bright colors enhance your energy and send a silent message. Dull-colored clothes absorb energy and may make you tired quicker.

If you are extremely sensitive, you may need all the colors of a rainbow surrounding you. Visualize a layer of red around your body, then a layer of orange surrounding you, then yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and finally a thick layer of white light surrounding all the layers.

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