March 18, 2013

Flushing Emotions from their Hiding Places

The goal of ascension is to bring the experience of divine love into our human practice. This is what it means to embody divine master presence. When we start this reprogramming process, whatever is not aligned with love has to go. You may find that the wounds and the pain of the past get stirred up and your ego rises up to defend the ground it has held for years.

The transformation typically doesn’t come over night. Thankfully, the emotions we have held in our limbic system and cells of the body are not flushed out in one fell swoop. That would be overwhelming to say the least! When these emotions are flushed out and the mental chatter is activated it feels like you are going crazy. Part of the process seems like we are stepping on land mines or trip wires in our path. It’s the new triggers along the way that flush these emotional “pigeons” from their hiding places so we can let go of old energy that is not serving our highest and best.

These birds make messes because they are part of a mal-programed ego, which reminds me of a DJ spinning tunes. The DJ can only playback the records of what is in his repertoire. Mal-programed egos replay every painful situation and activate every open wound. The reprogramming process can feel like salt being poured into wounds: it hurts, yet it’s healing.

It is helpful to step outside your situation and view things from the perspective of your higher self. Then, you observe what you feel as you watch yourself from a non-biased perspective. We can become the observer of these thoughts and not re-experience them at an emotional level that reinforces them or causes them to be re-processed through the cells of our bodies. Those cells are already hurting and wounded; they need to be healed. If you feel angry, then you’re angry. Accept that. Tell yourself it is okay to feel angry about the hurt that you encountered regardless of whether the incident occurred years ago or last week. Then, remind the ego that the incident is not real and it does not have power over you. Affirm that you are a divine being who perceives and receives only love. Letting go of the past means staying present in the current moment. Stop replaying the tapes of the past.

Once you have flushed out whatever is hiding in our cells, you can allow divine love to come in. This love is accompanied by new truth about who you are, what you want in life, and what you expect in your relationships. It may mean you need to set boundaries to keep other people with wounded and defensive egos from walking all over you! The temptation to close your heart is always there, but the ability to open it is also there. It’s a matter of choice and we make that choice daily, hourly, minute by minute, thought by thought, emotion by emotion.

Seek others who can help you in this. Don’t hide or isolate; that just allows the pigeons to settle comfortably back in the hole, but you still have to deal with them later if you are to make progress on your spiritual journey. Talk to a coach, counselor, or spiritual friend about what’s going on.
Do you think there’s a possibility that you can open to divine love? Be with that thought and experience it fully. It’s like a balm, an ointment, a salve, to these wounded cells. Allow it to be, to grow, expand, and increase. Soon you will find that moments of bliss will come more and more often and stay longer. The bliss will become more intense over time. Live in this now moment where there are no problems—there’s no past, there’s no future, there’s just the now. There are no wounds in the now moment. There’s nothing that needs to be healed in the now moment. This moment is perfection now. And that is divine love.

Because we can easily lose perspective and think that these pigeons are our real identity, we need help and support from others who are able to understand what is happening and provide calm insight into the situation. As a spiritual coach, I can help by sharing what I have learned about managing emotional energy and clearing it from the cells of your body. Visit for information about coaching.

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