March 20, 2013

Let Go of the Need to Change People

The only person you can change is yourself. If you find that certain people and situations are draining, get away from their influence. Look for new opportunities and relationships with uplifting and positive people that will support and nurture you on your spiritual path. When you focus on cultivating and integrating a peaceful mindset into your life, the universe will guide you to the resources that support your goal of entering into the flow of who you really are. Undoubtedly, your intuition led you to this book. You know how to access your internal guidance.

We have an unseen energy field around us that many far-easterners have known about since ancient times. The fact that most of us can’t see magnetic energy fields or chakras causes some people to believe that these energy centers do not exist. Being able to tap into one another person’s mental and emotional fields is proof that we are connected by some multi-dimensional source. Regardless of our beliefs or background it is easy to see that we are more than just our body—we are spirit beings. Some of you may think that being spiritual means being religious or vice versa, but I can assure you that is not always the case. Looking back in history it is easy to see how our fears have limited our spiritual growth and the evolution of humanity. Many people have formulated their belief system from teachings someone else handed down to them.

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