March 6, 2013

Opening Your Heart to Safe Love

At the deepest level of our soul and spirit we know that we are love. We all crave to experience this love in a tangible way. We know it’s within us and that we have the capability of flowing this love through our hearts. And, we want and need to express it with other people. But we’ve all experienced hurt, loss, and woundedness in our past that has caused us to close our hearts to the experience of love with ourselves and with others.

Those wounds create detrimental patterns that get locked in the cells of our bodies. Whenever there is a new trigger similar the original hurt, the ego mind and our emotions come to the defense to protect those damaged (mal-programmed) cells. Those memories serve as reminders to protect us from future hurt. Our heart wants to open and be loved by another and yet the feelings of loss, pain, betrayal, deception of our past won’t let us. We put up a garrison, a fortress around our heart, so that even when we want to open and know we need to and could, we don’t.

So how do we move this fortress out of the way? How do we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and feel safe enough to take down the guards? It has to be done at a cellular level. We have to reprogram the cells in our bodies with new information, with positive messages, and then step out in faith when the opportunity comes to be loved by another. The experience of loving and being loved by another person is worth the risk. The problem with trying to love another is that the other is probably just as wounded as you are and you trigger one another even with this fresh opportunity to be loved. As we heal our own hearts, we learn who can provide a safe experience and we only open to those who can nurture and receive our love.

The opportunity to love another, to blossom and grow, to step outside of our past experience, and live truly in the now moment requires us to take action in the physical realm. We can repeat affirmations, get into a support group, or spend time with non-judgmental people who can help us walk through this situation. But the change also has to come on a spiritual level. A transmission of grace and transmuting energy can lift all the impairment from the cells and allow Spirit’s healing love to rewrite the programs that we’ve been carrying in our emotions and in our mental field.

It’s not the soul that needs to be healed. The soul is pure conscious love. The soul knows how to love. It’s the brain, the body, emotions, cells, and the mind that must be healed if we are to ever experience love in an open-hearted manner. Old emotionally charged wounds are triggered and the defense mechanism is set off when we encounter a current situation that is like the original hurt. When this happens, we need to push through the pain and allow healing to come in so we can allow ourselves be loved again—not ignorantly, but with eyes wide open and fully understanding the risks. We learn to guard our hearts in a new way. Not with walls that close us off, but by filling our heart with love from the divine source our higher self. The beings of light who are part of our monadic group of spirit helpers are always sending love to us. It’s a matter of opening to receive that love.

Sometimes love is facilitated through another person who has opened their own heart so that they can help you open yours. That doesn’t mean this person doesn’t still have issues—they’re learning and growing too. It means they have taken the first step and are allowing healing love and light to come in and to begin its work of transformation. Because this work is transmuting and re-writing the old programming in the cells with new truth and new messages of oneness, this person can share from a higher perspective and help others begin to live in the truth of who they are as individuations of Source. As a spiritual coach, I can help by sharing what I have learned about managing emotional energy and clearing it from the cells of your body.

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