March 1, 2013

Grounding Your Energy to the Earth

Gini Grey ( says it best, “Much like an electrical appliance needs to be grounded in order to operate properly, our body needs to have an energy connection to the earth in order to function optimally. Besides, it feels great to be grounded in the body! Since we naturally ground through the bottoms of our feet, it’s no wonder we feel more present, relaxed, and stable when we walk in nature or work in a garden. (There’s something therapeutic about working in the dirt or playing in the sand!) This energetic grounding cord is invisible to the naked eye, but it flows from the root chakra at the base of the spine and flows all the way down to the center of the earth. Simply bringing your awareness to it and intending to have it flow is all you need to do to ground your energy.”
Staying grounded in your own energy and bringing in higher vibrational energy is critical to empaths. Here are some very effective grounding and centering techniques that I use every day:

Imagine a wide cylinder of white light extending from the higher realms above you, encasing your body and aura. The light is going through you, and passing into the very center of the earth where it locks in place. You are surrounded by this light and nothing negative can penetrate it. Because this light is above you, in you, around you, and below you, it is grounding you to the earth’s energy, clearing your aura, and raising your vibration by connecting with higher realms.

Imagine that you are growing roots from the bottom of your feet that reach deep in the earth. These roots are flexible, so when you lift your feet, the roots follow you. See a cord of light (you choose the color) coming from your root chakra and extending deep into the earth.

Go outside and actually touch the ground with your hands or feet. Sit on the ground if weather and soil conditions permit. Visualize all the negative energy you have accumulated during the day moving out of your body through your hands, feet, or buttocks and going into the earth where it is absorbed and neutralized.

To experience the difference between being grounded and ungrounded, try this exercise that Gini Grey shares on her Web site,

Stand to your feet and consciously imagine having an energy cord going from your root chakra all the way down to the center of the earth. Allow it to be as wide as your hips. Notice how it feels in your body as you stand as still as possible. Now, lift one foot. You are probably pretty well balanced while grounded. Now, try purposely ungrounding your energy by pulling the grounding cord up or disintegrating it so you are no longer grounded. Now try standing on one foot and notice how you feel. Ground yourself again and notice the difference. When you are grounded, you feel deeply connected to yourself and at peace with everything around you.

Gini Grey is the founder of Celebrate YourSelf, offering Transformational Sessions, Spiritual Energy Awareness audio programs and insightful writing. Gini's purpose and passion in life is to guide people to live from their center, that place of lightness and bigness.

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