April 3, 2012

The Empath and the Internet

The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield Question: Do people who are empaths have as difficult a time when surfing the Internet as they do when they pick up energies from other individuals, places or groups of people?

First, we wish to point out that your current designation of “empaths” who have difficulties when taking on outside energies defines a person who is in a state of transition. Those who are sensitive and open to picking up other people’s energy and feelings are in the process of developing expanded perceptions on many different levels.

The empaths who are discomforted by other people’s feelings and energies are learning by way of their reactions that, first of all, these are not their feelings; they have been taken on from others. This creates the awareness of the phenomenon for empaths and then opens a way to hold expanded perceptions but still maintain their own power base, personal integrity and freedom from unwanted attachments.

In other words, the empath “feels the pain” of others, initially, to help them recognize their abilities. The discomforts prime them to search for a means of self-protection and to use the gift to aid the ascension of others, as well as themselves.

Empaths need to be like a sturdy pitcher, which can take on and hold any liquid without effect or changes to their own form and substance. The pitcher/empath may then pour the liquid back to the world around them as a means of disseminating information or they may transmute the liquid/data and then pour it back to the world in an altered form. This could be transmuting dark aspects or illnesses and integrating them with positive energy.

There are many who are offering advice on how to protect oneself and use the gift constructively. If you are an uncomfortable empath, ask the universe to guide you to a source with which you feel most aligned in order to learn how to use your abilities and still protect yourself. Grounding is imperative, as it is with all elements of the transformational process.

A number of years ago we wrote about empaths as “good Samaritans” who helped others with their burdens. We stand by this concept as one of the means by which empathetic skills can be of value to others. This is one of the basic patterns of life relationships. Parents will take on difficult situations so their children don’t have to. Your current Earth life may take on circumstances for a former incarnation in order to resolve conditions that couldn’t be handled in the previous life. And even your animal companions will take on some challenges to relieve the burdens you carry. In this way the Samaritan concept applies to the situation.

Now, as to the effects of the internet on empaths: When you step into cyberspace, it is like entering a foreign country. Although, for the most part, your language is spoken in this land and you are becoming more and more familiar with the terrain. There are still many areas of this virtual world that are like strange towns with people who may be very different from you. You don’t really know what kinds of energies they generate and radiate and how they may affect you.

The ordinary 3D person, with dense vibrations, generally skips from one site to another oblivious of any potential problems and without ill effects. For empaths, however, this can be another source of possible difficulties. You call this foreign country a “virtual reality,” which is a reality that has all the effects of the material world that you know, without actually fulfilling the definition as such. If the empath operates from a deep sense of unity, which is the true nature of all that is, they are open to picking up vibrations, feelings or intensions from any source including those received through the internet. Therefore, the empath is vulnerable to this virtual world the same as their every day living plane.

Empaths may find that they feel uncomfortable or ill after they have been on line. The reactions may vary depending on what sites have been visited, as they would when visiting different parts of a strange city. There may be tension in the neck, shoulders or lower back from unconsciously resisting energies. More and more Earth individuals will be facing these experiences as they enter the ascension process because it involves opening to new energy levels across the board.

The help for this circumstance is the same as it is for handling anything in your work-a-day world: You recognize what is happening and then you learn and institute protective measures. Eventually this skill will not be felt as an intrusion into your own reality. Those who do take on the form of empathy that allows for symptoms and feelings to be absorbed, will do so consciously for the purpose of transmuting energies for healing and other forms of transformation. When the changes are complete and the healing or other results have taken place in the subject, the empath simply releases the connection and no longer experiences any residue of the subject’s problem.

As we stated earlier, each empath must seek the best method suited to their individuality to protect themselves and still channel their gifts constructively. Each time the empath prepares to go on line, they need to take a moment to meditate or pray, asking that their individual unit is held sacrosanct when exposed to disrupting energies. This is the same as they would do when they prepare to interact with their living plane world or confront difficult people.

Remember we are always close by to help you, as are other members of your ET family, angels, and other personal power sources. You have a huge backup of benign energies working with you. You are never handling these challenges alone. We wish you Peace.

[Note from the channel: I recently read a meditation by Cathy Chapman who channels Amma. I’ll paraphrase it here as I adjusted it for my own use.

Many of us focus on Archangel Michael as a source of protective energy. I’ve asked to use his sword to sever negative attachments and create a protective shield. Cathy Chapman’s channeling pushes this type of request to a new level that I found immediately powerful.

She suggests that you touch your heart center using Archangel Michael’s sword, activating unconditional love energy and setting the chakra spinning. You then absorb the essence of the sword into your heart and say with all the power inherent in this vision, “I AM THE SWORD!”

The strength of the vision is in becoming the power source as opposed to being the passive recipient of help from an outside energy. I live in New York City and am hit with all sorts of energies the moment I step out side. I have been using this imagery and these words and I’m amazed at how effective it is.

If you want to read Cathy Chapman’s article containing this information, it is in the February 2012 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence.]

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