April 4, 2012

Is the Energy of Others Draining You?

Empaths are reporting that they can sense a deep emotional connection to other people. Sometimes it’s very draining and they are not sure how to deal with it.

Empaths are energy sensitive beings; that is part of who we are and we’re always going to be that way. However, there is a way you can filter the energy and calm it down and have your own personal peace so you are able to radiate peace from within. In chapter 9 of Whose Stuff Is This?, I give a list of things that people can do to help ground and center the energy they are dealing with and I give some visualization techniques that can be used to work with energy. People have reported that these exercises are really helping them. That’s because they raise the vibration not only of your body but also your auric field and your soul’s vibration. So the detrimental things around you tend to bounce off.
If you are familiar with the Bible you may recall the scripture about putting up a shield of faith to quench the fiery darts of the evil one. We’re not calling anyone evil but we do have an electromagnetic field around us that can be strengthened with some spiritual purification practices such as deep breathing, prayers or meditation, affirmations, or grounding and centering exercises. So when that detrimental energy comes to us it hits that field like a bubble, which is flexible and is not going to pop like a soap bubble. It’s more like amniotic fluid surrounding a baby; it cushions and protects the beautiful life within. It’s the same way with us; when our aura (field) is strengthened, we are not as impacted by the environment outside of our bubble. 

Many times empaths allow their auras to be thin and they pick up a lot of stuff. They tend to mesh their our field with other people’s fields, especially on a crowded subway, on a bus, or in a shopping mall where there is a cacophony of energy running wild. These are the places where empaths are the most uncomfortable. When there is a large crowd of people or there is a large crowd of people in a situation where there is a lot of grief or mourning going on, we tend to pick that up quite easily.

Some of those exercises in my book will definitely help strengthen the aura. There are some practices on whosestuffisthis.com that will help people to be able to put up better boundaries. I’m not going to say protective barriers because we’re not walling off anybody and there’s really nothing to be protected from; it is a good practice to maintain your own energy field and body so you can continue to do the work that you’ve been called to do. 

When I pick up something that I know is not mine, I realize now that I’ve gotten it for the purpose of transmuting that energy. One way to do that is to call on the ascended master Saint Germaine and the violent flame of transmutation. I imagine that any detrimental energy within me is being drawn outward and into a ball of light. It’s coming out of my field and out of my body into a ball of light. Then I toss the ball into the air and allow Saint Germaine to zap it with the violet flame and transmute it into love, joy, peace, happiness—all the positive things that we want more of on the planet. You’re using a higher frequency by calling on an ascended master. You are not keeping it in your body or in your field where it could to do more damage. 

On whosestuffisthis.com there are resources, articles, visualizations, books, and other things that can help empaths start understanding how to use energy. 
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