April 30, 2012

Being Empathic As a Child

Are you an empath? Do you feel other people’s emotions and their pain? On a more positive note, you may also feel their great joy when your heart opens up to someone next to you. Helping other people realize they have similar empathic experiences and how to use it to their benefit is very rewarding.

When Sheryl Glick was my guest on We Are One in Spirit Podcast, she spoke about empaths and spiritual gifts. I’ll share a few highlights from that interview here and you may listen to the entire interview at http://dld.bz/bqFzj.

Yvonne: Sheryl was an empath as a child, but was not aware of it. Her father, who is a doctor, was not aware of the depth of Sheryl’s sensitivity and neither were the teachers and medical people who dealt with her. So they only considered her to be a bright sensitive child. They thought she would outgrow the stomachaches, the anxious frightened feelings that she expressed to them on a regular basis. This discomfort she often experienced was not her own discomfort. She was very sensitive to the energy around her and to other people. Now that she knows how to work with it she helps herself and other people to be healthy, vibrant, and to use this as a spiritual gift to make people more comfortable with who they are. This great talent.

Sheryl: It’s a great gift from spirit. Some people will say it’s not because they don’t want to feel uncomfortable. But it’s a great way to learn about the world and yourself through having heightened senses and feelings. We’re here on this earth to have an emotional experience and to learn more about ourselves. We can’t always just feel the good feelings; sometimes we have to feel challenging experiences and energies so we can learn how to balance those energies and balance our physical life with it. Our soul and spiritual life become mature—we are both physical beings and spiritual beings.

Yvonne: Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly working with energy. If you are an empath, you are energy sensitive. The reason this is so draining and you feel so much discomfort is because you have not learned how to work with energy. Perhaps you’ve not learned how to use your upper chakras, like the six chakra (the third eye) or seventh chakra (cosmic input), to receive a picture rather than receiving sensory input in your body. Once you learn how to work with your upper chakras, you will not take so much into your second (sacral) and third (emotional) energy centers. You will be using your upper chakras and the information will be coming from source rather than from the person who is leaking or siphoning energy.

Sheryl: Let me give a little example about working with the lower chakras. When I was in college I went to the San Gennaro Fair in New York City. At this Italian festival there were so many people. All of a sudden my heart started to palpitate. I felt anxious in my stomach. I felt heavy in my legs. I felt pressure on my head. I said “What is this? Why am I feeling like this? This is a wonderful place.”

There was so many people, so many emotions—some happy, some angry, some fearful, some straining to buy something, someone making decisions—and it was just too much energy coming in for me at that point because I had no protection. I now know how to protect myself and help others to protect themselves in any situation. I could now go to that place without having a negative impact again because I know how to handle my own energy and the energy of other people. At that time I didn’t know what that was all about.

I’m sure there are many people listening today who have these sensitivities and think they are a hypochondriac perhaps, or they think there is something wrong with them. There’s nothing wrong with them. They are just very gifted people. Sensitives who have the need to develop this connection from Spirit can develop on all levels. Perhaps they can go from being an empath to an intuitive to a healer to a psychic and a medium because all these spiritual gifts are available to all of us. If we work and grow ourselves instead of blaming others and focusing on what other people are doing. We concentrate on learning more about what makes us vibrant and happy and fulfilled in this life.

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