January 28, 2012

The Purpose for the Gift of Empathy

The main reason empaths feel drained is because they are picking up negative energy from those around them. This is the slower-vibrating energy that we mentioned earlier this week. It’s not good or bad; it’s simply vibrating at a slower rate or frequency. We pick this up many times in order to transmute it, and free others from karma and suffering. That’s fine if you know how to do that, but you have got to keep your own auric field clear and your own chakras open in order to do this without bringing harm to your own body or causing your own emotions to go awry. One way to ensure that there’s nothing in you for this type of energy to resonate with is to continue with spiritual practices of purification such as deep breathing exercises, prayer, meditation, reading uplifting material, and other such practices.
My book, Whose Stuff Is This?, has an entire chapter of exercises you can do to ground your energy, stay centered, set boundaries, and clear the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body. We will do one of these clearing exercises in this session.
Many sacred warrior and wounded healer empaths may believe that healing others is a way to heal yourself and this is true, but this practice if done incorrectly can deteriorate the body and is not recommended because doing so takes away the learning experience of another person.
Empaths have duties such as assisting souls who are incarnating on the earth, healing people and animals, writing and teaching others, providing intuitive readings, changing the weather, working with the earth’s ley/gridlines, assisting souls who are crossing over into the afterlife, working with souls on the other side. Many empaths are also physic mediums who deliver psychic messages, and have many other spiritual tasks to perform. I plan to write a book (Shifting into Purer Consciousness: How to Embrace and Integrate Multidimensional Frequencies will be a self-help manual for dealing with the human experience as effected by spiritual transformation) about how to integrate accelerated frequencies—those frequencies that are vibrating faster—and how to work with those energies. Be on the lookout for that book in 2012.
The main thing that causes empaths to miss accomplishing their joyful, divine mission is the lack of forgiveness. Harboring resentment, attempting to retaliate, seeing yourself as a victim, and blaming others are signs of a soul that has a cluttered energy field. And, these things provide a nice incubator for detrimental energy. Remember, energy attracts more energy like itself. Empaths can’t keep from picking up energy—it’s part of our reason for being in body—but we can keep from carrying it and allowing it to drag us down or make us sick. That’s why it is necessary to talk about the importance of forgiveness. More on that in a few days, so stay tuned to this blog.
This post is from a presentation given by Yvonne Perry during the telesummit, Empaths Shifting into 2012. “There Are No Victims” is intended to help empaths release the victim mentality imprinted in their cellular memory, forgive those they see as abusers, move beyond past experiences, and become empowered to help the Earth and humanity shift into purer planes of consciousness. If you would like the MP3 and full transcript of Yvonne’s presentation, as well as Dr. Michael R. Smith’s lecture during this class, go to http://weare1inspirit.com/product/seminars/empath-telesummit-4/

PURCHASE paperback book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You at http://tinyurl.com/EmpathAmazon. The e-book version is now available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and other digital reading devices.

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