January 20, 2012

Going from Fizzle to Sizzle is Easy!

Don’t miss this 5-week telesummit with a dozen experts created to help you enjoy and cherish every moment of your relationship with your partner, spouse, child, or friend. The second week will offer four speakers (two on Tuesday and two on Thursday) on the topic of Reflections, Reactions & Responsiveness.
Who Do You Open Your Legs & Your Love To?

TUESDAY, February 14, 2012 at 2:00 PM Central Time - Dr. Caron Goode presents “Five Points about Alignment for Women to Consider before Having Sexual Relations.

Dr. Goode explains: “In my work with women over the years, some describe a phenomenon of feeling different after intercourse with their partner, lover or boyfriend. Through deeper interviews I learned that sensitive women, women whose hearts are too open absorb or take in the emotions or energy of their partner, and feel physically and mentally different, sometimes to their detriment. Four women have allowed me to share their stories to illustrate how it happens and the five points for alignment with your partner clarifies how a sensitive partner can create a sexual symphony, opening connection to the heart for both partners.”

Dr. Goode is the founder of the Heartwise relationship strategies involving alignment through head-heart-gut, which she has written about in her new book From Fizzle to Sizzle, 8 step to relationship repair with her co-author, Dr. Minette Rioirdan. She features her work and classes on http://live-spirit.com/, a learning center with classes, articles, telesminars for intuitive, empathic, spiritual people. The Heartwise strategies are used in coaching through the Academy for Coaching Parents International, where professionals and parents become ACPI Certified Parenting Coaches\Consultants. Heartwise coaching also offers the Certified Intuitive Coac\Consultant certification and parenting intuitive children classes through Live-Spirit.com

Dr. Goode is the author of fifteen books and more than a dozen e-books and trains others in coaching skills, marketing plans to monetize passion, and the use of intuition of parenting, business, living and loving.


Who Do You Love? Teaching Empaths How to Open to Sacred Love

TUESDAY, February 14, 2012 at 2:35 PM Central Time - Yvonne Perry presents the pros and pitfalls of being an empath in an intimate relationship with someone who is/is not an empath. We open our heart to the wrong source when we look to another person to fulfill us, love us, and meet our needs. When that person disappoints or leaves us, we feel betrayed or abandoned.

This presentation will teach you how to activate your heart and connect to the secret chamber of the Sacred Heart where unconditional love abounds. In that limitless place of bliss, you will find everything you have always wanted and needed. You’ve walked forty-seven miles of barbed wire, wear a cobra snake for a necktie to keep from being hurt. Now, who do you love?

When an empath or highly sensitive person opens his or her heart to another person (even a stranger) and that person responds with negativity, the emotional impact is keenly felt. When someone we are close to is unkind to us, it’s natural to blame ourselves or try to fix the situation or calm the other person. When we absorb that person’s emotional energy into the cells of our body or the electromagnetic field surrounding our body, these energetic burdens can make us emotionally and physically sick. We want to open our heart to love but we are afraid of getting hurt again. Our protection mechanism urges us to avoid getting too close. Walling off emotionally from our partner can cause the relationship to plummet.

We open our heart to the wrong source when we look to another person to fulfill us, love us, and meet our needs. When that person disappoints or leaves us, we feel betrayed or abandoned. Learn now to operate from that heart of power, you will learn how to allow love to radiate from you so strongly that you no longer absorb detrimental energy from others.

Award winning author, Yvonne Perry tells how she recovered and shares spiritual practices to help other energy-sensitive people clear their energy field, set boundaries, and stay grounded in Spirit in this book, Whose stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You.

The Energy of Relationships, Understanding Yourself and the Way You Relate to and Interact with Others in Your Life

TUESDAY, February 16, 2012 at 2:00 PM Central Time – Michelle Barr presents “The Energy of Relationships, Understanding Yourself and the Way You Relate to and Interact with Others in Your Life.”

Understanding the energetic dynamics of being in relationship can help you identify and clean up what is your own “stuff” playing out and experience relationships in your life that are more fulfilling, healthier and more authentic. Michelle shares with you specifically information about the dynamics of the evolution of intimate relationships and also talks about the interesting ways our children serve as mirrors for us.

Michelle Barr, Owner, CEO of Michelle Barr Unlimited. Michelle is The Sacred Success Coach and the Queen of Inspiring Action. As an Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Master Healer, speaker, author, and consultant, Michelle helps people move forward in all areas of their lives. She teaches people to master their emotions, manage their energy, and use their intuition to create a life they love that supports them. This is what she calls Sacred Success. Michelle is devoted to helping Creative and Spiritual people step into who they are and take that out into the world. Her passion is to get people out into the world using their gifts.


Investing In Your Relationship

THURSDAY, February 16, 2012 at 2:35 PM Central Time – We have become a nation of financial experts having lived through an economic recession. We are keeping closer eyes on our finances and have learned strategies that will keep us afloat. Why not use these same strategies that we have mastered in our relationships? I’ll take simple, savvy, familiar and practical money strategies, like “Get Rid of Your Debt” and “Invest Regularly and Diversify” and apply them in ways for couples to implement them in their partnerships.

“America’s Romance Guru,” Leon Scott Baxter, is the author of The Finance of Romance, Out of the Doghouse: A Man’s Secret Survival Guide to Romance and A Labor With Love. He’s spoken to over 20,000 people about love and relationships. His website, CouplesCommittedToLove.com, allows visitors to access his book, articles, reports, seminars and phone coaching. Baxter has been a guest on radio and podcast programs, locally and internationally. He blogs regularly about how popular culture affects relationships, and is a regular guest on the A.M. radio show, “Talking With America.”Leon Scott Baxter has answered nearly 2,000 inquiries as an expert on relationships at AllExperts.com, and is one of the most popular in his field of expertise.

Contact: http://www.couplescommittedtolove.com/
Connect on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FinanceOfRomance
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSfcs39XtP8

You’ll be amazed when you realize how simple it is to repair relationships and reconnect to others through love and joy. Based on Fizzle to Sizzle, the relationship book of the year, this telesummit will help bring back the sizzle into any relationship.

• You need this conference if you want to recapture the romance in your relationship.

• You need this conference if you want to know how to maintain a deeper connection and bond with others.

• You’ll want to sign up to learn more about whether your match is out there and an update on soul mates. Weigh in..are they real or not?

All of the fantastic presenters on this 5-week telesummit have shared the pain and drain of loss, lack of sensitivity, and major transitions like divorce. We have survived and found love again. We will show you how to

• Fall in love all over again with yourself, your spouse, your teen, or your toddler.
• Find the partner of your dreams.
• Improve communication and connection in all of your relationships.
• Approach challenging times with integrity and resolve.
• Know how to repair any relationship at home or at work.

PURCHASE the paperback book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You at http://tinyurl.com/EmpathAmazon. The e-book version is now available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and other digital reading devices. Also check out the audio book now available as an MP3 file.

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