January 7, 2012

Exercises for Enhancing Empathic Skills in Children

Today we continue with a few key points from a presentation given by Dr. Caron Goode during a previous telesummit to train empaths. If you have a question you would like to ask her, please leave it as a comment below the article.
In Raising Intuitive Children, Dr. Caron Goode speaks about ways to practice psychic abilities.  When her daughter was young, Caron found opportunities to do intuitive exercises with her daughter.  They used to be people watchers in the mall.
Her daughter would say to her, “Boy, that person’s sad.”
And Caron would say, “What’s your sense about this?  “Is your heart all the way over there in her space?  Are you feeling her sadness?  Do you need to pull your heart back?” 
Her daughter would say, “I have to pull my heart back because I’m in her heart.” 
Caron still uses this approach to train teenagers. She would take them into nature—a dolphin tour for example.  When the dolphins came up boats would rush over to see them. Some of the empathic teens with would cry because they were aware that the ship’s loud motors were scaring the dolphins.  So they got to understand nature by experiencing this through their empathy.  And in turn, she taught these kids to help the dolphins by directing energy in a positive way and enhance it through focus and building resilience. They learned to do this for themselves as well. They can enhance positive energy by placing their hand on their heart, and asking, “Is this healthy for me to feel this?  Is there something I need to do about it?” This teaches them to make heartfelt choices for their body. 
Much peace can be gained by learning how to integrate everything we take in. We can do this by not overwhelming ourselves with food, addictions, thoughts, sensory stimuli and the like. The key to metabolism is balance.
Caron’s first approach is so simple, like conscious breathing, that people forget that they can do it any time and any place. Place your right hand on your heart center and place your consciousness there. If you have difficulty, take an elevator from your head down to your heart. Breathe and relax. Ten seconds and you’re done. The more intense or stressful the feeling, the longer the focus on the heart center, the balance point between upper and lower energy centers and also the regulator of the systems in the human body. The heart center regulates the body’s rhythms and makes this method very easy and effective.
From your heart and down the right arm extend specific energy pathways so that your right hand has more energy-giving points then the left hand. So the right hand goes on your heart, your child’s heart, or you can teach older children to center in this way. Caron’s counseling and coaching with those dealing with the emotional management through a Heartwise© method, and this is step one. You may contact Dr. Goode at http://live-spirit.com/contact-us/.  
To help ground and transmute energy nature is the healing balm for human ailments. Why? Because of the common electromagnetic field. Put your feet on the earth and get grounded. Caron and her husband collect rocks and crystals. Quite by accident, a child in counseling sat on a rose quartz piece on the floor of my office. After several minutes, he said, “I feel better. All my fears went into the rock.” I used the technique with other children, and then started connecting and working with trees, from hugging to climbing to placing your back against the tree trunk until you can feel the sap. This is an empath adapting to the environment.
In the telesummit, Caron shared ways to accept, integrate, and transmute energy from the viewpoint of the classical or eastern medical philosophies. These touched on the following.
1.      Body and Mind and Energy
2.      Etheric Energy
3.      Mental Energy
4.      Emotion vs. Etheric Energy
5.      Body & Mind Connection
6.      Specific organs govern different mental and emotional processes
Join us tomorrow on this blog for another segment of Dr. Caron Goode’s discussion on how to support empathic children. To get the full transcript and listen to Caron’s entire presentation as well as the teaching of Suzy Miller, you may purchase the mp3s here:
Dr. Caron Goode is the author of ten books, including her latest: Kids who See Ghosts~ Guide Them through Their Fear. Dr. Goode graduated with a doctoral degree from George Washington University in 1983 and is a licensed psychotherapist.  Formerly a pediatric speech language pathologist, Suzy Miller is the visionary founder of Blue Star Brilliance LLC and author of AWESOMISM: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism.

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