January 16, 2012

Earth Changes Affecting Empathic Children

The changes the Earth is going through are affecting empaths more than others. A few months ago Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas had a notable 2.4 earthquake.  Within 24 hours Dr. Caron Goode was in bed nauseated. She had to ask her husband Tom to realign the electromagnetic frequency of their home using rocks and crystals.  Caron notes that as she is working with children, she is seeing more acting out. Not aggression, seeming scattered, or unfocused thinking. Rather, she is noticing children who are able to see more into the other realms.  More and more children are seeing spirits and spirit walkers.  So the veil is definitely thinning. 
She is also seeing young adults really ready to take on their mission, really ready to change their life, such as young adults wanting to go to Afghanistan, or making movies for environmental peace.  There’s a huge upswing of chaos and clarity on both ends of the spectrum. 
In January, Yvonne Perry, Dr. Caron Goode, and Suzy Miller, will be sponsoring an entire telesummit on raising energy-aware empathic and sensitive children.  Caron’s book, Raising Intuitive Children, has chapters on the empathic child.  On livespirit.com a program called “Raising Intuitive Children” discusses the empathic child, gives emotional support, and teaches soothing a child to adapt to the environment. Caron also offers one-on-one personal coaching or training. You may contact Dr. Goode at http://live-spirit.com/contact-us/.  
There are two events in the coming months that might interest the adult caregivers of empathic children.  One of them is the telesummit in November, which is for integrating whole heart consciousness. It helps move children and adults out of the fear belt into that space of unity; thereby helping empathic children feel calmer.  Also starting in January of next year, we’ll be offering coaching certifications for people who want to do intuitive coaching.  You can be certified and start a successful home-based business in this field.  If that calls to anyone who wants to become an intuitive coach for parents that want to be intuitive in their parenting, you may contact Dr. Goode at http://live-spirit.com/contact-us/.   

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