October 26, 2011

Visual Exercise to See How Close Your Aura Is

The following article was derived from a presentation given by Gini Grey during Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth” on September 6, 2011. Get the full transcription and MP3 audio of Gini’s and Kate Garvey’s presentation at http://weare1inspirit.com/spiritual-audios.htm#Kate
How do you identify how far your boundary has strayed from you, and where yours ends and another person’s begins?  Is there a set distance we should strive for in keeping our aura? 
This is yours, this is your space, and you can do whatever you want with it, but I keep mine at about an arm’s length. Here’s how:
1.       Close your and visualize the egg-shaped bubble of energy that surrounds your body. This is your auric field.
2.      Consciously bring your aura in closer until it is about an inch away from your body.  What does it feel like when it’s that close in?  Does it feel tight? Does it feel comfortable or uncomfortable?  When do you do this?  And notice the body cues. The body will tell you what it feels like when you’ve got your aura in like this.  What other times do you feel like this? 
3.      Now move it back out so the outer edge is about an arm’s length away in front of and behind you, above and below you, and to the sides. Now smooth the outer edge as if caressing a beloved pet. Now you get a sense of what it feels like when your aura is this distance. Notice how you feel in your body. How is this different than before?
4.      Next move it way out to fill the whole room, and notice what that feels like.  Does this feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Safe or unsafe (vulnerable)? What are the body cues? What other times do you feel like this? 

5.      Now, bring it back in again to about an arm’s length and re-own it. 
Playing with the distance, moving the boundary in and out is one way to get the feeling of your aura. If you can’t feel your aura, you can have someone use dowsing rods to locate the edges. You can make them out of coat hangers (see photos below) and measure someone’s aura. Loosely hold the shorter part of the L-shaped rod in your hand vertically. When you reach the boundary of their aura the rods will spread apart from each other. It’s an interesting thing to do anytime you want to play with energy.
Owning your aura helps you be with other people and be close to them without taking on their stuff.  You can hug someone, and if you both own your own space, you’re not going to get enmeshed in one another’s energy. If you do not own your aura, you might be at a party and someone across the room is glaring at you. You will be able to feel them invading your space; they don’t even have to be close to you.  We can invade each other’s auras from the other side of the world.  It’s all energy and it goes anywhere.
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I hope you will try the aura distance exercises and make dowsing rods out of coat hanger. If you do, please leave a comment about what you experience. We love to hear from our readers!

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  1. I am amazed how powerful and intense this is.
    I found myself tight to my body shaky as my aura expended in the room. But a calmness came as I smoothed out the edges at arms length.
    I kind of feel dizzy. I am going to lay down and absorb all this
    Thank you.

  2. Very interesting Yvonne... I have received my Reiki I attuntment and have been practicing frequently with energy, chakra healing, and have started to practice with auras....when I check my aura or someone else's aura I always get a tingling sensation or my hand becomes very heavy...I haven't tried the smoothing of the edges, can you recommend how to do that while using reiki energy.... would be very interesting to see what happens... : ) because I'm an empath I find that I have to ground myself before and after a treatment.... and sometimes if I don't ground myself I do end up getting someone else's stuff..... : )

  3. You can always use visualization to intend that the aura is smooth. Grounding and centering is very important as we are bringing in more and more accelerated energy.