October 23, 2011

How to Clear Detrimental Energy

If there is a person in your life who continuously drains you, it could be that you knew each other in a past life. This uncomfortable connection (psychic hook) could be stemming from some unfinished business that needs to be resolved. Here is a visualization you can do to assist in clearing this person’s energy from your field and avoid having him or her continue to siphon your energy.

1. Light a candle, call for your higher self and ask your guides to assist you.
2. Ground and center your energy.
3. Ask your guides to show you what part you played in creating this psychic hook
4. Forgive all offenses in this and all other life times you may have shared with this person
5. Focus on where in your body you most keenly feel this person's energy
6. Imagine yourself with a pair of golden scissors, cutting the soul tie (etheric cord) from that place in your body. Make sure you cut it all the way down to the root of the original cause. If you see the energetic attachment as a hook (rather than a cord), cut the barb and gently slide the hook out of your body.
7. Proclaim that your business with this person is finished and everything that needs to be resolved is complete and healed. All lessons have been learned and the karma is resolved.
8. Send love and light into that place in your body where the hook was removed
9. Send love and light to the person you have forgiven
10. Thank your guides for their assistance
11. Snuff out the candle

This should help greatly and immediately. Whenever you are near this person or think of him or her, mentally remind yourself (and that person) that your business is complete and that you are both free to continue growing and learning without being attached to one another in a detrimental manner.

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