February 15, 2012

Disengage to Ground Yourself and Slow Down Your Hectic Vibration

The third tool covered in Michael R. Smith’s presentation is to disengage. During the presentation, Dr. Smith asked us to do an experiential exercise either with our eyes closed or to physically walk over to the nearest appliance or electrical outlet that has some kind of appliance connected to it.  For 15 seconds we just listened to the hum produced by electricity.  There’s something humming in our walls or environment all of the time.  The refrigerator is the appliance that uses the most electricity and creates the most vibration, which is not particularly helpful for us. The alternating current runs through us and around us, and most of us spend our day inside surrounded by four walls that contain an electrical current.

Electrical current over time leaves us ungrounded. The alternating current alternates between a high polarity and a low polarity. It’s like riding a rollercoaster all day because we’re constantly going back and forth between a current that is up and a current that is down.

Now if you think of the vibration of the Earth.  It’s very slow. Imagine in your mind’s eye the vibration of clouds in the sky.  Do clouds move? Do you ever really see clouds moving at a break-neck speed?  Probably not. Most clouds have a very slow vibration, slow movement to them, representing the vibration of that of the Earth, which vibrates at a frequency around approximately 8 cycles per second.

The vibrational frequency of the alternating current in your walls is between 50 and 60 cycles per a second, much faster. Because it’s a quicker higher vibration it tends to leave us feeling ungrounded. That’s the vibration that many of us walk around the Earth in. No wonder we feel rushed. Everything is quick, quick, quick!

So what’s the anecdote to this?  Pretty simple. Spend time in nature. Even one or two hours in nature will ground us to a slower vibration.  If you’re in an office building all day, the next quickest way to become grounded is to slow your breath down.

YOUR TURN: Ask yourself right now, “Have I been spending enough time in nature lately?”
Ask your gut that question and it can tell you yes or no through a feeling, through a vibration. Use the comment feature below and share your answer with us.

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  1. i haven't been spending enough time immersed in nature! i feel rushed, and busy, and trapped. I am a student who is CRAVING open air.