February 5, 2012

Grounding and Centering Steps

You need to choose a color for your grounding cord. Try on different ones until one feels right and aligns with whatever you need today.
  1. Envision Divine white light clearing your body and aura as it extends from the universe to the center of planet Earth.
  2. Establish a grounding _________ (color) cord from your root chakra at the tailbone and see the grounding cord going into the earth. You are now surrounded by the light and filled with the light.
  3. See your aura extending 2.5 feet from your body (an arm’s length away) above, below, in front, behind, and to the sides of your body.
  4. Imagine a shower of golden sunlight washing your aura for 2 minutes. This might be swirls of sparkling glitter, or spirals of light
  5. Envision the Christ-gold light surrounding your body. This is your higher self—this is who you really are. You are protecting yourself! Yet, you really don’t need protection—you just need to realize who you are!
  6. Next, see blue light surrounding the Christ-gold light like bands of light. You can add other colors if you would like.
  7. Notice another band of flaming light—the kind that you see when a fire is really hot. This is the violet flame of St. Germaine. Envision it surrounding all the bands of your aura. Its purpose is to deflect detrimental energies from your environment.
  8. Feel free to call upon angels, archangels, ascended masters, the Holy Spirit or whomever you feel comfortable asking for spiritual assistance.
  9. Imagine roses are in place outside of your aura to absorb and transmute any detrimental energy that you are processing in this session as a result of these faster-vibrating energies surrounding you. These energies encourage you to examine and process anything that is unlike love. Ask that it be gently transmuted into beneficial energy for you, your life, your body, and others.
  10. The next part asks you to imagine cosmic gold light energy begins in my crown, flows down the back of you chakras, curves under your tail bone. Ten percent flows down through your grounding cord. The other 90 percent flows upward to your 5th chakra at your throat where it divides three ways: upward and out through crown, down each shoulder and arm then out the palms.
  11. While the cosmic gold light is running through your body and cleansing your chakras, call forth Mother Gaia’s love and light earth energies to ascend through your feet, up your legs, joining the cosmic gold flow at your tail bone where it will flow consecutively with the cosmic gold light through the appropriate channels.
  12. This is a good time to do your breathing meditation. Tom Goode taught us full-wave breathing in session two. If you missed that session, I encourage you to purchase the replays on Live-Spirit.com
The MP3 for this exercise is downloadable for free on my Website: http://weare1inspirit.com/spiritual-audios.htm#Grounding.  
Daily employ the grounding and centering exercises taught in this presentation. This will raise your vibration and enhance your current meditation practice.

This blog post is from a presentation given by Yvonne Perry during the telesummit, Empaths Shifting into 2012. “There Are No Victims” is intended to help empaths release the victim mentality imprinted in their cellular memory, forgive those they see as abusers, move beyond past experiences, and become empowered to help the Earth and humanity shift into purer planes of consciousness. If you would like the MP3 and full transcript of Yvonne’s presentation, as well as Dr. Michael R. Smith’s lecture during this class, go to http://weare1inspirit.com/spiritual-audios.htm#YvonneMichael

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