February 9, 2012

Engage, Remain Neutral, or Disengage?

Dr. Michael Smith is a coach, licensed counselor, healing practitioner, spiritual medium, and self-help author. His book for empaths is Navigating 2012: Thriving in Earth's New Age  Access Dr. Smith's free materials including his monthly newsletter on (http://www.Empathconnection.com

The following is an excerpt from Michael’s presentation during Empaths Shifting into 2012 hosted by Live-Spirit.com.

Empaths are helpers and healers packing a lot of power. We’ve got a lot of gifts and talents. We understand the spirit world. We intuitively get the world of higher vibration. It’s fun and exciting. From the cradle to the grave, empaths seek to have better communication between worlds, between left brain/right brain, between heaven and earth, and between 3D polarities

Presently, we are at a critical stage of spiritual development and many are wondering what the next step might be. Perhaps you want to help other empaths. Therefore, I’d like to share with you from the toolkit of self-care to move you toward becoming a skilled empath. Being a skilled empath takes a lot refinement, discipline, and practice in order to become more aware of your own energy system and yourself.

One of the acronyms that I find helpful is the word “end.” E-N-D.  It stands for the three choices we have when we are presented with any kind of stimulus such as when you are challenged, or someone has presented you with a question, or is asking you to do something. You always have three choices: Engage, remain Neutral, or Disengage.  E-N-D stand for Engage-Neutral-Disengage.

Mastering the use of the word no is one of the first and most powerful steps in becoming a skilled empath. This allows us to consciously choose to engage or say yes only when we really want to.

NOTE: Michael walked us through an exercise in which we had a dialog with our gut and noticed the physical sensation. To get the full transcript and listen to Michael’s entire presentation as well as the presentation given by Yvonne Perry, you may purchase the MP3 here:

Join us on this blog tomorrow when we look at what it means to remain neutral. This is the second step in the acronym E-N-D.

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