February 7, 2012

Increasing the Light Within and Around You

Imagine you are in a tent, camping out in your own backyard. When you turn on a light you can see everything inside the tent. The darkness is still outside your tent. Now if you turn on the floodlights in your yard, the area around you contains less darkness. At sunrise, there is even more light around you. At mid-day there is no darkness at all.
Compare this to your own spiritual light. There is enough light inside you (your own tent) to light your personal path. When you expand your light into your aura, it’s like turning on the floodlights in your backyard—you will begin to affect others with your light. Once you make it clear that you want the light to increase and that you don’t want darkness around you, the Universe will respond by bringing more and more light. The next thing you know, there is no darkness around you. This is how you raise your personal vibration. As you heal yourself, you heal others and the planet.

By distinguishing your personal energy, clearing your auric field, raising your own vibration, and showing compassion without paying a personal price, we can help usher in the New Heaven and New Earth that has been prophesied.
If there is something in your life that needs to undergo the cleansing, refining process, be willing to allow the process.  Let yourself feel what you need to feel in order to deal with the core issue. When you deal, you will heal. Then, the only thing left of a past belief or situation is the lesson learned—there’s no emotional attachment to it. It no longer has power over you.
This is a great time to be on the planet to help facilitate this shift into purer consciousness. So, let go of fear, unforgiveness, victim mindset and other limiting beliefs and make room for your authentic self to shine. There’s so much more beauty and joy to be experienced!
No matter where you are in managing the gift of empathy, I can intuitively help you take the next step toward accomplishing your divine mission. Working with the ascended masters, we can help you get clear on what’s holding you back from living a fulfilled, joyful, peaceful life that comes from being in alignment with your higher self or oversoul.
Coaching is a life-changing experience that allows you to quickly make spiritual changes that improve every aspect of your life. Did you know that I offer empath coaching to help you personally discover the spiritual purpose for which you have been sent to the planet? If you are ready to develop the intuitive gift of empathy and use it to heal yourself and others, I invite you to consider working with me as a coach. Learn more at http://weare1inspirit.com/coaching.htm .

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