February 13, 2012

Empaths’ Words Manifest Quickly

What if we empaths are here on Earth to help clean up the messes of the past?  What if it is our role to heal others and to move into a higher vibration? 
Guess what? It IS the truth! Therefore, any time you call forth your highest self you are calling in more spiritual energy than you had prior. That same process is happening everywhere on Earth. There’s a higher spiritual vibration today than there was yesterday. 
Every thought and every word that comes out of your mouth is a prayer or an act of creation. That’s because as empaths we’re good manifesters. You may have noticed that manifestation is happening quicker for you lately.  I know I have and many of those who follow the comments on Empaths Connection or some of the other forums for empaths.  This is related to the shift in 2012, which is short hand for the human brain to understand that something is happening, perhaps what some people might call ascension. It’s a big fancy word for spiritual vibration increasing on Earth. 
One way to more quickly manifest what you are asking for which is to be clear on your intent and remove negative words from your vocabulary. There are certain words that could be banned from use.
No Ban Words is represented by this acronym: NBW. 
Michael led us through an exercise and admonished us to set a goal to eliminate these three words from our vocabulary: Need, but, and why. He asked us to engage in correcting our language for success.  To get the full transcript and listen to Michael’s entire presentation as well as the presentation given by Yvonne Perry, you may purchase the MP3 here: http://weare1inspirit.com/product/seminars/empath-telesummit-4/
The word “need” indicates lack.  I need more time. I need more money. I need. I need. I need.  You might as well be saying to the universe “I exist in a state of lack.  Do you hear me speaking this to you? I lack power.  I lack money.  I lack this.” And of course we know that whatever is thought or said creates our reality.  
Don’t worry about being perfection—it does not exist.  Perfection is an illusion; so just try to remember to replace “need” with “want” or “desire.”  Want and desire indicate a prayer in which you are asking spirit to give you something. If you ask you shall receive. 
The second word we will replace in our vocabulary is the word “but.”  Listen to the energy different between these two statements.  “I’d like to go out with you but I can’t because I have other commitments.” Whenever you use the word but whatever is said immediately before it gets “karate chopped” and you destroy it.  You might as well not even had said it.  So replace the word “but” with “and.”  You might say, “I’d like to go out with you and I can’t date you right now because of other commitments.” The word ‘and’ allows for two simultaneous realities at once. This simple switch will help change your reality. 
The third and final word is “why.” Many of the questions that begin with the word why are usually not very helpful.  In many instances, it tends to be a useless question.  “Why am I having all these problems?” or “Why am I having these challenges in my life?” These can have a whiny vibration attached to it.  Instead of asking why are you having all these challenges/problems, replace “why” with the word “how.”  How questions and always lead you to better answers.  Ask the Universe, “How can I overcome or more past these problems?” or “How can I change and create change in my life?” That leads you to action.
Join us on this blog tomorrow when Michael helps us understand what it means to disengage.
Dr. Michael Smith is a coach, licensed counselor, healing practitioner, spiritual medium, and self-help author. His book for empaths is Navigating 2012: Thriving in Earth's New Age.  Access Dr. Smith's free materials including his monthly newsletter on (http://www.Empathconnection.com).

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