September 3, 2013

Empaths Feeling Emotions in Traffic

One highly sensitive person I heard from said she if she drove past a serious car accident, she would feel all the emotions that the people involved feel, including the confusion of the person who died. If there is someone in the car with her, she feels embarrassed about crying and having to answer their question, “Did you know someone in that accident?” and explain why she is crying.

Do you get these kinds of empathic “hits” when you are in traffic or driving?

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  1. Im trying to work out if I am picking up on past accidents when I drive on open roads at a faster speed. Seems lately I have developed a phobia when doing so to the point of avoiding driving all together. The emotions don't feel like my own they feel very foreign and overwhelming. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. These are very likely the emotional energy of those involved in the situation/accident.. Your energy is sending out a thread toward those involved and your energy is mixing with theirs. Do you know how to ground and center your energy? Do you know how to call your energy back to yourself? It helps to do this whenever you feel stressed.