September 27, 2013


Whenever you are feeling down and out, there is a solution. Gratitude is the way. By counting your blessings, you will begin to see where life is good. From this perspective, you will begin to attract more blessings your way.

As Esther Hicks says, we live in a vibrational universe. There is a law of attraction at work. When you put out positive thoughts, it will manifest in positive results. When you put out negative thoughts, that will become your experience.

That puts total responsibility on you for creating your own reality. For many, this may be an uncomfortable notion. Many of you unconsciously to cling to things that make you feel bad. The good news is that, when you feel good, you will attract more and more things to feel good about.
It all starts at the thought level. That is why it is so important to remain aware. Every thought becomes a prayer and it is said, “Be careful of what you pray for. You might just get it.”

Years ago, Oprah Winfrey kept a gratitude journal. She was so amazed at the results that she encouraged her audience members to do the same. When you practice an attitude of gratitude and really feel it, you will also be amazed at what will become your experience.

Focus on what is. That will lead you to acceptance. When you can do that, you will be practicing appreciation. That's the most important stepping stone to your joy.

When you can remain in that place of joy, the abundance of the universe will flow to you. That will only lead to more appreciation. You will keep the flow going at an ever-increasing rate.

It's said that it's no good unless you give it away. This can be done in various ways. The most important way in which you can do that is to share your spirit of joy with others. Joy is contagious and will continue to spread outward into the universe like the waves on the ocean.

The other way you can do this is to share your material wealth with others in need. The more you share, the more abundance will flow to you. There is more than enough for everyone. Once again, the important thing is to keep the flow going. As you do this, you will inspire others to come to a place of appreciation. Blessings will flow in many directions.

The bottom line is to maintain that attitude of gratitude. It is the supreme gift you can give to yourself. From there, you can pass on the gift to others. Just remember to remain aware and to practice focusing on the positive. It will reap the results that you deserve.

Written by Davis Aujourd'hui ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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