September 18, 2013

Self-Forgiveness Prayer

Like everyone else, I have made many mistakes in the past. But, the greatest mistake of all would be to continue to have remorse and guilt over my past mistakes because this only continues to reinforce the illusion of separation from God. In truth, I have never been separated from God for a single instant.

Here is a prayer to help you release the shame and guilt you may be dealing with regarding mistakes you have made:

I now forgive myself for every past mistake. All condemnation is released. I give up every destructive feeling about the past, every feeling of separateness. I let go of all resentment, hate, and fear. God-Goddess knows nothing about sin for He/She did not create it. The Divine Spirit within me has never been contaminated with shame, guilt, or blame. Divine Love frees me from any sense of condemnation toward myself and others. There is no condemnation in the Christ consciousness. Therefore, as I forgive, I AM freely forgiven and released from my own illusions and miscreations. I let go of the past. I have no guilt regarding the past and no apprehension for the future. I AM free and I AM a new creation. And so it is.

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