September 9, 2013

Learning to Be Non-resistant

Fear, judgment, denial, and our preconceived ideas about a person, place, or opportunity can mislead us, but those who have developed the gift of empathy and learned to trust their intuition are more inclined to pay attention to what they sense and feel. This allows energy to flow through without getting stuck, while at the same time being grounded and centered. This is what I refer to as being non-resistant.

In our society, we have been taught to be emotionally dishonest. We pretend to feel one thing when we truly feel another. When we are sad, we say everything is fine, yet a large percentage of people are taking antidepressants. When we are angry and our spouse asks, “What’s wrong?” we pretend not to be upset. We say, “Nothing’s the matter” or we give them the silent treatment rather than calmly and rationally expressing our point of view. When we deny what we feel or judge ourselves for feeling it, we deny an authentic part of ourselves. If we resist or ignore what is happening or what we feel, we can’t process the experience. I’m not advocating a full-blown, violent expression of emotions. There is a healthy way to acknowledge our feelings without letting them get the best of us or harming others.

Whatever we place emphasis on will increase. Resistance attracts things, people, energy, and situations we don’t want. Therefore, I’m more concerned with raising my vibration, enjoying my spiritual practice, and maintaining my own energy than I am with setting up fortresses to protect myself against external forces. When you are non-resistant, you feel lighter and it’s easier to be joyful and allow what you really want to flow into your life. Happiness comes from within and is not dependent upon external circumstances.

To live without resistance, you must completely forgive yourself and others of any perceived wrongdoings. Grievances hold us back from living in a state of total peace and well-being. When we judge or criticize others or refuse to forgive, we block the natural flow of energy in our body and aura. This causes us to attract more negativity. So, the next time you are about to judge or criticize, stop and accept yourself, the other person, and situation as it is. It doesn’t mean you condone it. It means you are accepting its reality instead of denying or fighting it.

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  1. This has been an issue of mine lately and I love how you've expressed this. I think trying to be resistant also creates a lot of anxiety. I'll definitely remember your post when I'm faced with this in the future. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Christine. We are all learning to live in the moment where there is no judgement of self or others. It's a process--some days we do better than others! :-)