May 27, 2013

Aura or Body Shield

Around your physical body, there is a magnetic shield of energy known as your aura. Its purpose is to provide protection and gather energy and information as you interface with your environment. In grade school, we had to be reminded to keep our hands to ourselves! The same is true with the energy field surrounding our body. Ideally, it should be kept two to three feet from the body, but many untrained empaths unknowingly allow their aura to extend and blend with the energy fields of others who have lax boundaries around their auras. We can tap into the thoughts and emotional impulses of someone across the world. An energy worker told me about a client whose auric field extended for about four city blocks! The client was an emotional mess. Anxiety attacks, illnesses, negativity, fear, dread, anger—you name it, she felt it. She worked with the client to clear her field and bring her aura in closer to her body. When her aura was still extended about one block, the client said she felt like she was smothering.
It is important to clear your aura before bringing it in closer to your body. Click this link for an audio with background music to help you do this:

Begin by visualizing divine white light surrounding your body and aura. This light is clearing and balancing all aspects of your being. Next establish a grounding cord of any color you choose. Let a shower of golden sunlight flow in your aura for five minutes while you meditate or rest.

Next, close your eyes and try to determine where your energy field (aura) ends. Then, visualize yourself drawing it in closer to your body. Note any sensations or changes you feel. Continue to draw your auric field in, closer and closer. Continue until you sense it is between two and three feet from your body. If you have to stop because you feel uncomfortable, clear your field with the shower of golden sunlight again and repeat the clearing and drawing in process later that day or try again the next day. Continue these sessions until you achieve the ideal range. This exercise can make a huge difference in how much energy you pick up. The less you pick up, the less you have to clear later.

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