May 18, 2013

Setting Boundaries

If someone was trying to break into your house, you would probably call the police, run for your life, grab a weapon, scream, or something! You wouldn’t just stand there and allow the intruder to barge in. Yet, we allow the energy of others to invade our personal space, whether it be in our mind, emotions, or physical body. By not stopping this intrusion, you give away your personal energy. We all have the ability to create our own energy without stealing someone else’s energy or becoming entangled in a situation that is none of our business. This requires diligent development of our spiritual practice to raise our vibration, and setting boundaries with those who would siphon our energy.

In the previous chapter, we talked about clearing your aura and learned to visualize a radiant, light-filled field of energy around your physical body. Now we will discover how to protect it from invasion. This egg-shaped shield should be about two to three feet from your body. It needs to be flexible and thin enough to let in what serves you, yet thick enough to keep out what doesn't. When the layers of your body shield are thin or have holes in them, you are more easily influenced by environmental stimuli and negativity. Anyone who has a healthy self-esteem and maintains strong boundaries with others will most likely have a thicker, stronger aura than someone who is fearful, anxious, shy, stressed, jealous, hateful, or holding on to any other negative thought or feeling.

Auras are created from heat and vibration. Similar to how your body raises its temperature while fighting infection, a physical illness can cause a temporary color change or increase in aura size. Containing various colors, each conveying a different meaning, the aura is like a mood ring that changes colors with your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual state, as well as by the energies of those around you. If you are unhealthy, there may be shadows, grey, or black areas in your aura or it may appear murky rather than clear and transparent.

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