May 31, 2013

Babies Absorb Mental and Emotional Energy around Them

Babies don’t filter anything; they simply receive. An empathic child or teenager easily picks up on the emotions, energy, or thoughts of others.

The Latin word for emotion is emovere, which means movement. Suppressing an emotion prevents the natural movement of vital energy. As Karol Truman says in her book by the same title, “feelings buried alive never die.” Denying and resisting what you feel only makes things worse. The repressed emotion is stored in our cells and will demand to be dealt with at a later time.

When a child stuffs his or her feelings, it creates an inward vortex of spiraling emotions that can continue to pull the child downward for years to come. If your child has bouts of depression, notice what triggers are associated with the episodes. Who has he/she been around? What activity is he/she about to embark upon? Is the child getting visual images, having dreams, or sensing something isn’t quite right? This intuitive insight could be a clue to a past life issue that needs to be healed or an indication that he or she is involved in something that is not in alignment with the soul’s higher purpose. You can help redirect the child or teen by listening and offering to help them end their unhealthy relationship or association with a person or organization. And if you see that your energy-sensitive child is showing distress from having the gift of empathy, teach him or her how to do the exercises in Chapter 9 of my book, Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You.

Intuitive children and teens know their personal truth. Any distortion of that truth can cause them to feel confused, depressed, unbalanced, or even sick. Childhood depression can be carried into adulthood if it is not dealt with when it first appears. When I was a teenager, I felt depressed every weekend. Without fail sometime near dusk each Saturday night, I would feel a sense of foreboding sadness that I could not explain. I simply learned to live with it until I learned how to manage emotional energy.

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