December 23, 2012

Three Choices for Responding When You Are Upset

I realize what a challenge it can be to stay positive in the emotionally-charged world in which we live. It will help if you prepare in advance when you must go into public settings or social gatherings. Surround yourself with love and light, ground your energy, and center yourself before you leave home. When you find yourself in stressful situations, take a break and find a quiet place where you can close your eyes, breathe consciously, let go of the external world, and tap into your true essence. Ask your divine guidance to transmute any detrimental energy into beneficial energy that can bless and help everyone find peace and joy within.

Whenever you feel heavy emotions, take action quickly! Acknowledge and release them before they take over and drag you down. That way, you can be non-resistant and present in every moment as you bring your attention and awareness to each thought, feeling, and activity as it is occurring. When something upsetting is occurring for you, there are three choices you can make:

1) Resist, deny, avoid, or ignore it (not recommended!)
2) Communicate, ask for what you need, and be willing to alter what you can about the situation. If another person involved will not cooperate with your peace-making efforts, cut ties with the offender or remove yourself from the unhealthy environment. Change jobs, relocate, or do whatever you need to bring about a better living/working condition or peace of mind. You do not have to complain, suffer, or play the role of a victim.
3) Accept the situation once you have done all you can to remedy it. This does not mean you are giving up or surrendering to something you abhor. It means you have released all the negative charge surrounding the situation and come to a place of peace that will allow you to remain where you are without suffering, stuffing, or seething. This option is best employed when you are dealing with an uncontrollable situation such as the death of a loved one or the termination of any close relationship.

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