December 31, 2012

Writing/Journaling to Help Empaths Get Clear Direction

Janet Conner’s book, Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within, has made an impact upon my journaling because it takes me beyond writing down my daily problems to really connecting with my soul and discovering what Spirit is saying to me on a soul level. I attended a lecture at First Church Unity in Nashville where Janet shared how to use the following seven steps to get into theta brain wave:

1. Set your intention to connect with the voice inside you.
2. Address the voice directly: Dear ______ (fill in the blank with whatever name you want).
3. Write by hand.
4. Activate all five senses. Vision, hearing, and touch are automatic in this process, but include a candle, incense, aroma oil, or flowers for smell and water for taste.
5. Ask open-ended questions as you write.
6. Write fast; don't stop to correct grammar, spelling, or punctuation (very hard for me as an editor). Just let the words flow from spirit to paper without the interference of logic or correctness.
7. Be grateful; say thank you.

By reading her book and applying the lessons in a practice of writing, I learned how to get out of my conscious, stress-filled mind, get in touch with my deep, authentic self, and activate a limitless supply of intelligence, wisdom, and creativity.

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