December 19, 2012

How to Tell if You Are Ascending

We have just passed 12-12-12, which was a numerically significant date. Anytime we see double or triple digits it can be a sign to us that something noteworthy is occurring. We have also heard some pretty scary things about Dec. 21, 2012. I have absolutely no concern that anything horrible is going to happen to our planet as a result of some galactic event—I believe we will wake up on Dec 22 and realize we have only two days left to finish our holiday shopping. As the eternal optimist, I hold the intention that if anything at all happens, it will be a perceivable and positive shift in how we love ourselves and treat others.

If you are fearful of what might happen on the 21st of December, you will find comfort in this no nonsense astronomical explanation as to why the Earth seems to be unstable and where we are heading as an evolving race of humans.

So, with a world in turmoil over all the fear-based energy that has been planted in the collective consciousness by the media and religion, how does anyone know if they are making spiritual progress?

"How do I know I'm ascending?'

I get that question a lot so I decided to answer it on a call with several empaths who had questions of their own. I hope you enjoy this replay and will join us on the next live call. To get information about our upcoming events, be sure you are on our mailing list

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