December 21, 2012

The Good Earth Singers Invite You to Sing for the Earth's Healing on December 21

On Friday December 21st people around the world are uniting in singing this song. We know how powerful the mind & voice can be, especially when united globally in such a purpose. The song is a simple repetition of a few words in an African language. Click the link below to hear and learn it, then open that link for a live feed at your location time. Gather together with friends.

The Good Earth Singers are inviting us all to SING together with 15 million people around the world, at the same time, the same song, Ise (eshay) Oluwa ("That which the creator has made can never be destroyed"), from the Yoruba Tribe in Ghana. You might have seen our urgings on AWNSA's FaceBook page, but now is the time to dig in and commit for the big day!!  The wish is to midwife the birth of a new Earth, a new consciousness, and to plead with the song to leaders around the world to stop the violence to our Earth! Join in, learn the song (attached), gather your community choir at your school at the appointed hour, SING, SING, SING, and go to the web site of The Good Earth Singers

Here is the plan directly from the Good Earth Singers:  Gather in your community with family and friends and sing for the earth's healing — you are joining the largest moment of synchronized song in history. And what better cause than the health and welfare of our earth? The 15-minute long synchronized moment of song is listed below in some of our key locations. Not sure of what time in your area?

Please see the comments section at for a link to a time zone converter.  

 12 pm HST
 2 pm PST
3 pm MST
4 pm CST
5 pm EST
10 pm GMT
11 pm WAT

AUSTRALIA: You will be singing on Saturday, December 22nd at 9:00 AM.  We'll be singing together on December 21st! "Hear" you there! Heads, hands, hearts, and voices together... The best Christmas carol to the Earth, ever!  Thank you very much for your participation and with that, your help!


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