September 28, 2012

Four Tips for Creating Healthy Boundaries

Our guest blogger for today, Gini Grey, shares four tips for creating healthy boundaries. Gini is the founder of Celebrate YourSelf, offering Transformational Sessions, Spiritual Energy Awareness audio programs and insightful writing. Her purpose and passion in life is to guide people to live from their center, that place of lightness and bigness. Learn more about Gini at
1. Stay centered and grounded. Being centered and grounded helps release stress. As you interact with others, stay connected to your own inner experience; feel your energy flow through your body, let any foreign energy release down your grounding cord, and stay centered in your own light vibration. Fill up with your own energy vibration until there’s no space for others’ problems and pain, but still room for compassion.

2. Be aware of energy boundaries. Our energy doesn’t end where our skin ends. We each have an electromagnetic field around us called the aura. As you own your aura, you create healthy boundaries around your personal space allowing your own energy to flow freely and prevent others’ energy from entering.

3. Tune into the difference between your emotions and other peoples’. Empaths take on other peoples’ emotions as if they were their own. A friend tells you her husband just filed for divorce and your heart aches. Your brother calls you in a panic about money problems and your stomach twists and turns. You attend a funeral and feel overwhelmed with grief. Like musical notes, each emotion has its own vibration unique to each person. Sadness is lighter than apathy; anger vibrates faster than sadness; amusement feels free and healing; joy is light and bright, and enthusiasm takes you even higher up the scale. Get to know your emotions by feeling them and allowing them to flow. With this awareness you will instantly know when you’ve taken on someone else’s sadness, anger or joy; it won’t feel like yours and it won’t feel comfortable. Then all you have to do is let it go, like taking off a scarf that isn’t yours.

4. Say goodbye to codependent behaviors. With big hearts, caretaking and rescuing becomes the norm for empaths. Instead of sensing and feeling another’s plight, use your clear seeing abilities to look at your loved one’s situation. See who they are beyond their problems and pain; see the spiritual being within who is connected to the Source of all life. Know that just as you have your path to walk, they have theirs. Don’t let their victim mask pull you in to taking on their problems. Toss away pity and sympathy, and give the gift of love by shining a light on others’ bigness. Allow your friends and family to grow, heal, and evolve through their own struggles and triumphs. If you feel tempted to jump in, reflect back on your life to see if you are projecting any of your own unhealed wounds. tal reading devices.
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