September 17, 2012

Empaths Pick Up Ghost Energy in Public Places

Ranoli is a holistic home inspector, home energy efficiency analyst, and real estate consultant whose mission is to help people heal their hearts and homes. She says that the thoughts and emotions of all who have ever been inside the house or walked on the land become part of the operating system for a property. Combine the earth energies with the emissions from electrical power lines, cell phone towers, and antennas and you have a very powerful program working either against you or for you.
Since empaths are sensitive to all types of energy, keeping your environment flowing with positive energy is very beneficial.

While writing my book, Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, I visited a restaurant in a section of downtown that has a lot of negative energy. As I parked my car in the public garage I suddenly felt vulnerable. I was walking down the sidewalk when I felt the presence of two malicious thugs behind me. The energy was so strong and repulsive, I turned around to see if someone was following me. I saw no one. I knew my guides were protecting me and I didn’t really feel afraid. I was simply aware. I thought no more about it as I met my husband for dinner.

On the way home, I had on the eyeglasses that I normally wear at my computer rather than the stronger prescription I need for nighttime driving. Plus, I experienced an unusual amount of traffic, my cell phone kept ringing, two people texted me, and one guy kept blowing his horn and flashing his lights at me. It wasn’t until I pulled off the interstate at my exit that I realized I had been driving without my headlights on.

Later that night when I went to bed, I felt angry and troubled. There had been a discrepancy about the bill and I thought I was still upset about that and my uneasy drive home. I let that energy go and felt better. However, I could not sleep because I kept sensing an unfamiliar presence. As I looked around my bedroom that moonlit night, I saw a dark cloud moving across the room. I didn’t feel concerned and only half believed there was really anything there. As I often do when I’m trying to fall asleep, I began meditating to help my body relax. My mind was racing, but I finally slept, only to awake at sunrise still feeling aggravated. I didn’t want to get up after only having five hours of sleep. So, I rolled over and dozed off.

When I got up an hour or so later I still felt perturbed. “What’s up with this?” I finally asked my guides. “You might want to do something about the entity you brought home last night.” It all made sense—the eerie presence near the parking garage, the crazy drive home, the aggravation. I immediately lit a sage bundle and smudged myself and my house and my car. That took care of the problem.

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