September 26, 2012

I find myself less and less emotional these days—even when something scary or bad that used to really bother me occurs. After so many years of being an emotional yo-yo, this new calmness is quite refreshing.

If you are facing an upsetting situation that you feel "should" trigger some emotional reaction from you and yet you are completely unmoved, this is a GOOD thing! It sure is a lot better than getting all wigged out with anxiety, depression, or grief! This kind of emotional "numbness" is a sign that you are integrating your past and present experiences and making progress as an empowered empath. It doesn't mean you don't care about someone or something. It means you are seeing them/it from a higher perspective that doesn't get rattled by the illusion of 3-D Earth drama. You are beginning to hold the frequency or vibration of Divine Love in 5-D consciousness.

Try to move past what you expect to be the "normal" response to any situation and simply let yourself feel what you feel (or don't feel) about it. If tears, sadness, or anger come, that's fine. If no emotion comes at all, then give yourself permission to let that be okay too.

Without spending time trying to process what is coming up or discover what past life issue you may be clearing, simply acknowledge the incident and any response (or lack thereof) and move on. The motto I like to use for this is: "I recognize  __[emotion/situation]_____ and I allow it to be integrated, healed, and forgiven at all levels."

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