September 21, 2012

11-Minute Meditation DVD

Meditation is very helpful for getting centered and getting to know what is going on within you. Many times we get so busy that we forget to check in and sense our own energy. Meditation is the practice of taking the time to be still and listen to the voice within. In meditation we receive guidance, inspiration, ideas, and what I call “downloads” of information that we can use to consciously co-create our life and world. I like to use a candle when I meditate because gazing into the flame quiets my mind and allows me to shut out the distractions around me. I also enjoy burning incense, which helps clear my personal space. It has become so associated with my meditation practice that whenever I smell Nag Champa, I automatically want to stop what I’m doing and get still.
Meditation allows us to receive energy from higher realms and to run our own energy through our chakras. It would be nice to be able to meditate for hours a day, but unless you are a monk or nun you probably have a family to feed, kids to carpool, errands to run, and a career to tend to. If you are willing to take eleven minutes a day to meditate and work on your spiritual self, I highly recommend Twenty Gems, Journey to the Self by Denna Shelton. These DVDs and digital downloads can be played at work, on a laptop computer, and on your iPhone or iPad. The beautiful nature scenery, mesmerizing animations, soothing music, and positive affirmations combine to give a refreshing lift to your spirit.

What is your favorite meditation practice?

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