March 15, 2012

How to Open to Sacred Love

Today’s post is the second in a series of helpful articles for highly-sensitive people. The full presentation was given by Yvonne Perry in “From Fizzle to Sizzle Relationship Telesummit” hosted by You may listen to the entire presentation by clicking the arrow in the player below.

Next, we want to talk about how to activate your heart and connect to the secret chamber of the Sacred Heart where unconditional love abounds. In that limitless place of bliss, you will find everything you have always wanted and needed—everything you’ve been trying to extract from a human relationship. Operating from your personal place of power, you will learn how to allow love to radiate from you so strongly that you no longer absorb detrimental energy from others.

When we look to another person to fulfill us, love us, and meet our needs, we are looking to the wrong source. We are the only ones who can meet and nurture our emotional needs and this is done by connecting to the sacred and secret chamber of the Sacred Heart and unconditional love that abounds there. I will lead us in a meditation to show how to do this. But first, I want to explain the three hearts—the trinity of human spirituality—that each person has:

1. The physical heart supports the physical body. It’s the organ that pumps and circulates blood throughout the body. The physical heart chakra is a reception site for the energy coming from the spiritual heart to us through the etheric heart.

2. The spiritual heart connects us to a dimension of pure, spiritual awareness or unconditional love, which is free of mental and emotional influences.

3. Connecting the physical heart to the spiritual heart is the Sacred Heart (God, All That Is) that supports the electromagnetic energy field of the brain/body. It is where true prayer (or communion with our creator) resides. This is home! The spiritual heart is the center of creativity. It is through this heart that we heal the aspect of ourselves that has known separation. Part of reconnecting with the Sacred Heart is to become aware of your authentic free-spirited self that knows and easily experiences love, peace, and joy. Your soul has not forgotten its union with the Sacred Heart; our human perspective in this 3-D world has caused us to see ourselves as separate from it.

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