March 12, 2012

Empaths in Relationships

The next few posts on this blog will be a series of helpful articles for highly-sensitive people. The full presentation was given by Yvonne Perry in the From Fizzle to Sizzle Relationship Telesummit hosted by You may listen to the entire presentation by clicking the arrow in the player below.

An empath’s innate ability to express compassion often gets them into trouble because rather than simply observing a condition in another person, the empath can actually merges with it or absorbs it into their own emotional or mental field or physical body. Therefore, it’s very important for an empathic person and those closest to him or her to diligently guard their “heart” and maintain a positive attitude. We will also look at how to guard the heart without closing off compassion.

When an empath or highly sensitive person opens his or her heart to another person (even a stranger) and that person responds with negativity, the emotional impact is keenly felt. Being around the energy of a stranger who is simply having a bad day can feel like a dagger driven in our heart. How much worse do we feel when our intimate partner or someone we are close to is unkind toward us?

We want to open our heart to love but we are afraid of getting hurt again. Our fear-based protection mechanism urges us to avoid getting too close. Walling off emotionally from our partner can cause the relationship to plummet. We open our heart to the wrong source when we look to another person to fulfill us, love us, and meet our needs. When that person disappoints or leaves us, we feel betrayed or abandoned. We must look to Source energy within our own heart to find a balance between emotional overwhelm and emotional coldness.

The problem with many empaths–everyone actually–is that we have not learned the correct use of energy. That means setting boundaries while keeping our heart open to love. Since empaths feel energy more keenly, this lack of knowledge creates a bigger problem in their relationships than it does in the general population. Regardless of whether both partners are empaths or if just one person is, learning to manage energy is of major importance to the well-being of a relationship with an empath.

The Purpose of Empaths

Empaths are on the earth to help transmute the negativity of dark forces and bring light and purer vibrations to the world. Their arrival on earth was not accompanied by a handbook to tell them how to do this! I nearly died before I learned the hard way how to manage emotional energy. I want to make it easy on others. There’s no need for all of us to get knocked down before we learn how to stand in our power. That’s why I enjoy making presentations like this one. That’s why I maintain a blog with all kinds of resources to help empaths manage energy. I encourage you to listen to the audio below. Simply click the small arrow in the player to start the podcast session.

And that’s why I wrote and published Whose Stuff Is This! Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You. It is the manual I wish I’d had 20 years ago! I will present some of the concepts of that book today, but I encourage you to invest a few dollars in yourself and your relationship by getting a copy of the printed book or downloading the Kindle/Nook version. It’s also available as an audio book. See the purchase page

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