March 24, 2012

Heart-Centered Meditation

Today’s post is the fifth in a series of helpful articles for highly-sensitive people. The full presentation was given February 14, 2012 by Yvonne Perry in the Fizzle to Sizzle Relationship Telesummit hosted by You may listen to the entire presentation by clicking the arrow in the player below.

The goal of the heart centered meditation that I co-created with Dr. Caron Goode is to reunite your spiritual heart with the Sacred Heart and increase your awareness of the love and wisdom of higher realms. I’m amazed at the peace and calm I feel whenever
I do this exercise.

I affirm that I am centered, aligned and heart wise, and I intend through this focused meditation to open my heart, will, and clear knowing.

Breathing in and breathing out, I am aligning my heart, will, and clear knowing with the alpha and with the omega. I am aligned.

Placing my right hand on my heart and gently inhaling…exhaling… inhaling…exhaling… I focus on my heart center. I go inward to heart… I am in heart, and I rest in my awareness there.

Breathing in slowly… and illuminating my heart, filling up my heart with crystalline white light. With each breath I take, the white light is brighter and whiter, growing and filling my heart.

Centered in my heart and aligned, each time I inhale, I send rays of my white light swirling through my body, around my body, and through the soles of my feet to the earth for a solid, grounded connection.

My heart glows with warmth and wisdom. My heart light beams its brilliance outward, forward, preparing my path. The rays of heart light open doors of opportunity, clear my way, and enhance my clear knowing.

I am centered, aligned and heart wise. I am centered in my heart, aligned in my will and clear in my awareness.

I trust the heart’s wisdom, listen to the heart’s passions, and feel the calm, serene space within.

I Am.

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