December 9, 2011

Performing a Sacred Ritual with Candles

There is no set manner or prescribed formula that you must follow for your candle ritual. It doesn’t have to be on the full/new moon or at a certain time of day. A ritual is a personal request for divine help, so if you are being led to conduct a ritual, trust that the energy you need is available.

You may have other methods you like better, but here are some basic steps that I use. They don’t have to be done in this order.
  1. Choose a candle. When it comes to choosing a candle, don’t be thrown by the formulas assigned to certain colors such as black for banishing and white for clearing. If you are drawn to a particular color or only have a limited choice, go with whatever suits you at the time.
  2. Light the candle and ask for your higher self and spiritual guidance to assist you.
  3. Simply state what you want to occur as a result of your ritual. The energy will follow your intention.
  4. Listen to your inner guidance to see if there is a comforting message or action you need to take in order to accomplish your goal for the ritual.
  5. Write down what you hear.
  6. Thank your guides and extinguish your candle. All these rules about not blowing out the candle are fairy tales. You can blow or snuff it—whatever suits your fancy.
Be sure to follow through with the message you received during the ritual. Don’t worry if you didn’t hear or see anything. The message may come later, so look for the signs you are given.

Well, what do you think? What is your method for conducting a ritual to access higher wisdom? Please share by leaving a comment below.

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