December 5, 2011

Four Steps to Integration: Acceptance, Allowance, Embracement, and Celebration

Integration includes four steps: Acceptance, Allowance, Embracement, and Celebration,” which affect healing for the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual components of healthy living.  Over the next few days, we will look at each of these steps.
Step 1 is acceptance on the physical plane.
Energy cannot be destroyed or created, it can only be transmuted. Its form can be changed. So struggling against what is doesn’t work. Therefore, at the Physical level, we employ acceptance.
Let’s imagine that you have a condition. Maybe it’s a disease or illness. “I have a cold,” says the body.
Since we are energy and everything is energy, we are one with everything. Therefore, it is fruitless to attempt to get rid of an energetic condition. Here in the world of duality, you can’t release it because it is part of creation. You can’t chop off pieces of yourself. The alternative is to integrate it.
Your first step toward integration is to be one with it—not to try to shake it loose, or to drop it, or release it. Simply acknowledge and accept that it is here. This brings us into the “now” moment. This is a mental thing, which means you have to deal with the ego mind and all the emotions. We might be thinking: Well, have I been bad because I got a cold? Is this a punishment? Is this something that I have brought on myself? What have I done wrong? That’s usually the ego voice engaging the emotions.
Acceptance. I got it. It’s here on the physical; it’s now.
Step 2 is Allowance of your emotional reaction so there’s no denial. Until you accept that something is going on and you’re emotionally okay with it, you really do not have any power to take action in the embracement stage. And you’ll never reach the point of celebration. Surrender to it. Integrate it rather than release it. Everyone’s been hearing the last twenty years “Let go of this, release that.” I’d like you to release this whole idea of releasing! Releasing is resisting. That which we resist by releasing, will persist. Instead, we must take it in. Transmute it. And maybe even transcend it.
So after we have accepted something, we have to allow it to be there. How?  We exhibit no resistance to the condition. It’s part of what is going on right now. We don’t fight against it. Instead, we take the mental step of embracing it; and by embracing it, we do everything possible to address the topic. We’re going to take our zinc, we’re going to drink our fluids, we’re going to rest or do minimal exercise, or whatever it takes to bring the mind-body-spirit system to its greatest comfort and ease on the physical plane. We really didn’t need the cold except that we had been pushing ourselves so much to achieve our goals and the body wasn’t getting enough rest.
Step 3 is Embracement. So, the loving universe created a condition called a cold and we rested. And we recovered, the body freed itself, the mucus flow regulated and in three or five or seven days we’re back on our feet. And we can celebrate having had it. Having to rest, we caught up on our reading, or we finished up on our email. As we were home, we even had a chance to talk by phone with some relatives that we haven’t visited with for a while.
In integration, the first three steps will roll into one when you practice Full-Wave breathing. You change every night. The planet changes. The sun comes up and it’s a new day. See when you leave your body at night, you go to the higher realms and come back to your body. You think you’re the same person because you have the same memory consciously and yet you’ve changed.
Step 4 is Celebrating: Now when I get out of bed, I’m realigned, I’m in the body more fully than I would have been; there’s no grog or stumbling around, and I can get about celebrating my day. Simple, simple, simple choice, isn’t it?
You can integrate all the experiences of your day before you go to sleep by doing a few more focused full-wave breaths. This will help you accept that the day is over. Allow for all the things that were done and not done to be set aside. Embrace that the day is ending and the evening is beginning.  And with real joy, begin breathing. Once again you put your hand down below your navel. At this stage, all you are doing is belly push-ups or push-outs.
This article is based on a presentation given by Dr. Tom Goode during “Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth.” You may get the full transcription and MP3 audio of Kate’s and Gini Grey’s presentations at
Dr. Tom Goode is the author of seven books on holistic living. His most recent book is Breathe and Grow Rich—Self Care to Enrich Your Whole Life  He has written numerous articles on natural healing and is the producer of “The Cosmic Waltz,” a musical program used with Full Wave Breathing and the Inner Harmony home-study musical program for holistic health, balance, and personal transformation.

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